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Nov 17, 2007 10:47 AM

Where can one order good rabbit meat?

My family is really excited for thanksgiving, because we've decided to have rabbit instead of poultry like usual (the choice was actually rabbit or duck, to my father's good humour).

So is there a market where we could actually go, or do we have to order online? Does wegmans carry that sort of thing?

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  1. I haven't been to the Eastern Market since the fire but I recall seeing rabbit at a stand or two there. I also wouldn't be surprised if the high end yuppie groceries like Whole Foods or Balducci's have it. Try the phone book.

    Or come to my house and you're welcome to all you can catch in my yard. There are usually three or four playing out there. I'll warn you though, they're pretty fast. <g>

    1. We get it at Balducci's in Bethesda. Used to get it at Whole Foods but they stopped carrying it.

      1. Union Meats at Eastern Market on Capitol Hill carries fresh whole rabbit on a regular basis. I think it was comfortably under $3/lb. the last time I bought it. They'll cut it up for you, too, if you've never done that before.
        They're open Tuesdays through Saturdays. Eastern Market Metro stop.

        1. You did not mention of you were looking for DC or Baltimore butin Baltimore they have rabbit at a stall in Lexington Market.

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            Oh, sorry... I live in fairfax county, which is just East of DC. so that would probably be where I'd look.

          2. The highest quality rabbit I've had in the area was from Balducci's. It goes for about $8/lb and it's D'artagnan branded rabbit. D'artagnan also ships, but they appear to be out of stock (and Balduccis frequently is also, at least out on the shelf). You'd also have to know how to cut it up (you want it cut up) which can be a bit tricky. There may be other places that sell their rabbit in the area; you'd need to call.


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              Wegman's normally has that brand in the Sterling store, and I believe I saw it in the fairfax one, as well. It is in the corner by the butcher counter in the back left area of the store in the middle refridgerator thingy in the very back corner of it.