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Nov 17, 2007 10:25 AM

NYC to Buffalo


We are driving from NYC to Buffalo for Thanksgiving. Any suggestions of road stops for lunch, breakfast, etc.


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  1. This doesn't qualify as a road stop....but if you want wings while you're in Buffalo, the best hands-down is Duff's on Millersport Highway. Many tout the wonders of the Anchor Bar (home to the first wing) and, while they're good, they don't come close to Duff's. Very casual atmosphere - long wooden picnic tables and video games.

    1. Don't know if you left for your trip yet, but I have a few suggestions depending on the route you take. If you take 17 to 81 to 90, there will be more places to stop, rather than taking the thruway the entire way. On 17 for Breakfast, people like the Roscoe Diner in Roscoe NY. It's just a basic diner, but I think people like it for it's convenience. You can see it from 17 and there is a gas station right next to it, so you can fill up while you stop for breakfast. Not sure of the exit but you should be able to look it up. Then in Cortland, NY, they have an A & W resturaunt, which is kinda fun because it's an "old school" place where you can go in and sit OR order from your car and they bring it out to you, and sit the tray on your window, like an old 50's place. I think it's around exit 11 of 17N, but I would check directions. And finally, I don't know how convenient this is as I've never been there, but there is a place in Rochester called Nick Tahoe's and they have what's called "Garbage Plate or Platter" It's a bunch of greasy food put together and everyone says you have to try it at least once before you leave Western NY. I went to school in Buffalo for 4 years and managed to avoid the place altogether, but It's still a staple people always talk about. If you have time I've heard it's worth it for the experience. Definately make a stop at Wegman's while you're up much more than a grocery store! Good Luck!

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        Thanks for the info - we are leaving early tomorrow. I was trying to decide whether to have wings at Anchor or Duff's - this helps to make the decision easier.

        I'll check the route with my husband - A&W sounds like fun. We stopped at a similiar place - Mug &Bun - near the Indianappolis airport.

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          Duff's wings are ok for non-locals but aren't the best by far. IMHO, BarBills wings are better than most and even LaNova's are better than Duffs.
          Check out for Buffalo food.