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Nov 17, 2007 09:35 AM

Restaurants for Noisy Friends

We've recently been out with a few couples with whom we have a great time, however we are LOUD! We laugh, we joke, and have a somewhat raucous time. Great if you're in a noisy place, but not if you're surrounded by folks who want a quiet meal.

We all live in the Chestnut Hill area and are looking for restaurants where we can be loud but still have a good meal. We don't want to drive more than 20 mins.Price range should be around $30-40 (including tip) per person. We've thought of Manayunk as a general vicinity, but don't know what's worth trying.

Thank you!

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  1. I don't know how far Berwyn and Radnor are from you but Nectar should be a dream for you on weekends. You compete with music AND patrons both. You'd fit right in.
    Fleming's in Radnor can also be a bit noisy on weekends. (great steaks)

    1. Thanks! Does anyone else have a suggestion? This is a good will question here - I want to make sure that we're not ruining someone else's night by having a good time ourselves...

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        Kiwijen -

        I think it is fantastic that you have the courtesy to post a topic like this. No matter where you might dine, a good idea would be to let the restaurant know ahead of time that your party might be a little noisy (say you are celebrating something). That way, when they assign you a table, they will at least have the chance to seat you in an appropriate area of the restaurant, or at least AWAY from any VIP guests they might be having that night. These courtesies are GREATLY appreciated from the restaurants' end.

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          I agree; your request shows good manners and thoughtfulness. Many times I have been having a quiet dinner to catch up with a friend, and had it ruined by a neighboring table of loud diners. Not begrudging anyone a good time; we've all been loud at times, but want to do so in a place where it is not a big deal.
          One restaurant that is loud in general is Buddakan. I can never hear a thing when I am in there, certainly not what the person sitting next to me is saying. Seems like everyone is shouting there at dinner. Not a good place for a business meal, or a quiet dinner!

      2. Tamarindos in Blue Bell is great for a noisy crowd. A group of about 12 of us spent my birthday there one year and after quite a few margaritas... I have to admit we were not practicing good manners and thoughtfulness (but neither was the rest of the restaurant). Its the free margaritsa that do you in, and everyone in the restaurant is feeling the same way. wekends only are rowdy, its pretty quiet there weeknights.

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        1. re: AmblerGirl

          Yes! Tamarindo's is on our list. Great food and a good sound level for us!

          Any ideas in the Manayunk area? That's unexplored territory, but not too far. Thanks!

          1. re: kiwijen

            In the Manayunk area you're really not going to find much in the way of fine dining except for Jake's and that is not the place for a noisy crowd. If you're looking for a good atmosphere for a group of loud friends, you could try Manayunk Brew Pub or Bourbon Blue. The food is nothing spectacular, but they have fun atmospheres. They do, however, turn into full fledged party spots on Friday and Saturday nights with a young clientele. You could also try the Ugly Moose on Shur's Lane for great atmosphere and good bar food (burgers, meatloaf, wings, etc.). The Ugly Moose is one of favorite spots for meeting with friends for some drinks and great pub fare, and you won't bother anyone even if you're extremely noisy.

        2. Do you go to mcmennamins at all? it's beyond noisy there, esp. if there's a big game.

          1. bar ferdinand in northern liberties is my jovial spot. you can be nice and loud at the bar; good spanish tapas and wines!