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Nov 17, 2007 09:30 AM

Fork, Chloe or other?

I need to find a place in Philadelphia for dinner in December. Here's the criteria I have:

Three people (one real foodie/chowhound and two relatively straightforward eaters who can be moderately adventurous)

Nothing exclusively ethnic. Preferably some type of "new American" or seasonal menu.

Price not really an issue

Prefer a place that is not a BYOB

Nothing too formal.

Thought about Fork or Chloe. Any preference between these two? Ideally, I'd love to find a place within walking distance of the TLA on South Street, but wasn't having much luck with that.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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  1. Have you considered Gayle? New American food, witty enough for the foodie but not enough to scare the nonadventurous... and absolutely delicious! Small comfortable space, lovely wine list, and a welcoming staff. I prefer the food there to the food at Fork; I can't speak for Chloe.

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      I agree with Wandasue -- Gayle is on 3rd between South and Bainbridge -- much closer to TLA than either Fork or Chloe. Fork would be good for your purposes but it's on Market between 3rd and 4th, a healthy walk -- Chloe is BYO and, I believe, does not take reservations. Ansill is on 3rd at the corner of Bainbridge and would also be good except it's maybe a bit too adventurous. There are other good places in the South Street area but Gayle and Ansill are by far the best.

    2. Another possibility: Southwark, at 4th & Bainbridge. Lovely space, beautiful bar, excellent food.

      We love Chloe, but Beulah is correct: it's BYO and they don't take reservations.

      1. Some of the city's best restaurants are within walking distance of the TLA: the aforementioned Ansill (my favorite), Southwark, and Gayle. Go slightly further west (still walking distance) and you have Horizons, the best vegan restaurant in the city. None are BYO.

        Not in the same league, but still very good, are Coquette and Cochon, both on Passyunk, the former where it crosses Bainbridge and the latter at Catherine.