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Nov 17, 2007 09:22 AM

biscotti recipes?

My Goddaughter Taylor lives 3k miles away in AZ...unfortunately, this year she won't be here until Spring Break. Mom is a very basic shake and bake, kraft mac n' cheese, white lettuce in a bag with bottled ranch kind of girl. HOWEVER, my baby girl is a total foodie at 9 years old. Im sending out her goodie box very shortly and in addition to:

pecan bark
chocolate and caramel pretzel rods with sprinkles (of course)
giant granny smiths covered in chocolate, caramel and whatever other goodies I think up
pumpkin butter
apple butter
my special spiced pancake mix
hot peppers
dilly beans
pickled garlic

I want to make her some biscotti. Anybody have a good biscotti recipe that will withstand several layers of bubble wrap and 3 day air to AZ? She would love a double chocolate or anything with craisins, white chocolate, peanut butter chips, toffee...I know Im going to dip the bottoms in chocolate without any doubt (thats her fave!).

Thanks Hounds!

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  1. I've made the following recipe for Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti many times since I found it in the local paper. I dont usually bother with dipping them in chocolate cause they are plenty chocolatey as is but the recipe does include the dipping part. They hold up very well. If you've never made biscotti before, the dough for this tends to be very wet. You need to flour your hands and board rather well before you shape the loaves the first time. Enjoy.

    1. I've made the following recipe several times and have always gotten could switch out the dried cranberies for the craisins; dipped in chocolate sounds great. I never use the frosting (last three ingredients listed); I also double up on the cardamom. #77463 "Lemon, Cranberry Biscotti with a Hint of Cardamon."

      1. Gourmet Magazine ran an article by Carol Field on Biscotti in their December 1992 issue, with 12 or so biscotti recipes. All those I've tried were fabulous, and the great thing about them is most have no added fat beyond eggs.

        My favorites are Cappuccino Biscotti, with hazelnuts, chocolate chips and flavored with espresso, cloves and cinnamon; and Biscotti di Greve (Orange Almond Biscotti), flavored with orange zest (this one is particularly delightful). You can search for all of them on the Epicurious website, I presume, but I just tried and their search function is not working properly. If you can't get them from the epi site I can post them here.

        1. I made these from Sunset Mag. with my daughter last year and they came out awesome!

          I think they would do well with any adaptation.