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Nov 17, 2007 08:34 AM

ISO a good corn muffin

Does anyone know where in the Boston area a truly good corn muffin can be found?

The biggest problem I have with most I come across is texture - I like corn muffins to have a slightly coarse, hearty, corn meal-y texture - not like a vanilla cupcake with a smattering of corn meal. I also don't like them to be overly sweet - I don't mean that they have to be completely unsweet like Southern cornbread, just not sweet in a way that overpowers the corn flavor. I also like the top to be kind of golden brown and almost crunchy... but I am really open to any suggestions.

I guess corn muffins are not the most popular breakfast bread around, but they're my favorite so I'd like to find a good one :) Thanks!

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  1. Remember when Dunkin Donuts had a GREAT corn muffin, like 17 years ago? Now they taste like awful preservatives.

    1. Hands down the best muffins are at the Gingerbread Construction Co. There are several shops but I go to the one in Winchester on Washington St.

      1. Not sure if they have corn, but Uncommon Grounds on Mt. Auburn in Watertown has tasty muffins. Breakfast is good, too, and hefty portions.

        1. I love the ones at Petsi Pies in Somerville (near Porter Sq). Hearty yet moist, and they have that slightly coarse corn-mealy-ness you're looking for. Not too sweet. They are filled with a bit of raspberry jam, not your "typical" raspberry jam, but a wonderful thick jam that perfectly complements the muffin. This corn muffin is so good I haven't looked for a better one since discovering it.

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            In the same vein, I feel the same (haven't looked for better) about the corn muffins at Canto 6 which also have a lovely raspberry jam filling. I'm not sure if they are exactly what you are looking for but I love them and they have a great corn flavor and crunchy top.

            1. re: mapgirl

              The 2x I've been to Canto 6 I have not seen the corn muffin, but I'll definitely try to go on the earlier side next time and seek it out.

          2. I agree; most corn muffins are pretty disappointing. I don't usually recommend chains, but I think Whole Foods markets have the best ones around - very moist, very corny, and the top does indeed get browned and crunchy at the edges. They *are* pretty sweet, but not (to my taste) too sweet. I've been trying off and on for years to replicate them at home, but without any success.