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Nov 17, 2007 08:23 AM

Agave Azul - New Old Downtown Carrollton Location

Has anyone been to the "new" Agave Azul yet?

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  1. We went on the opening night by accident as we had been told it was going to open up earlier in the week (normally I'd never go to a place on opening night). The place was very busy and the kitchen seemed a little slow but that's to be expected. It's the same menu and everything was just as good or almost as good as the previous location. The margaritas were still among the best in Dallas....I've missed these during the switch in locations. I can't wait to go back.

    1. we ended up eating here last night, and it was very good, although the food came out too quickly--we still had appetizers on the table and the mains were unceremoniously dumped on top of everything else! made for a crowded table and forks on the floor! other than that, the food was great--really, really good. everyone at the table agreed!

      1. I ate there the day after it re-opened. The house special or whatever, camarones de whatever. That was pretty good. The warm chipotle salsa was also pretty good. The margaritas were not particularly great but the tequila in them was good. I'd go back if I was in the area and wanted tex mex. Funny becasue when I went on a Tuesday, I was the only diner.

        1. We've been twice since they opened the new location. They are still getting the place together and do not have all the tequilas available, so no tequila menu yet. The staff is very new, but I'm sure with time will get better. I used to really enjoy their weekend specials (usually fresh seafood), but the manager said it may be a while longer before they are able to offer them again.

          The menu is the same, but it seems like they've changed the recipe on a few items like the Ceviche and queso. A good change on the Ceviche. Bad change on the queso.

          It may not be for everyone, but we really like the way they make their on-the-rocks margaritas: they don't use a mix - just fresh lime, they're not too sweet and very strong. I believe however that they do use a mix for their frozen margaritas.

          1. Great location, nice decor even if a little loud. Directed to the bar while waiting for a table - bar allows smoking. Server was very pleasant but had too many tables to cover. Very long menu - difficult to make a choice. One of three entrees incorrect - the other two grew cold while awaiting replacement. Margarits were OK, but inconsistent. The first was all lime juice, the second all tequila. Salsas were beautiful to look at, but bland - a consistent theme with all dishes. If you go looking for Mexican food, look elsewhere unless you are trying to treat an ulcer with unspiced food.