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Nov 17, 2007 08:17 AM

Deciding between Maze, The Modern, Town and BLT Prime

Any recommendations among/between these options for dinner?


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  1. I can only speak to Maze. We've had lunch and it's always been wonderful.

    1. Are you looking for more causal fares or bigger dishes? Maze and the Bar Room at the Modern both serve small plates (though some dishes are enough for entrees IMO). Both have a more formal dining room (Gordon Ramsay and The dining room of the Modern) that serves formal dinner with amuses, apps, entrees, desserts, etc., at a higher price. The Bon Bon cart at GR is awesome!

      I had only been to BLT Prime once, so probably not the best person to comment, but in terms of selection we are looking at most steaks and only a few seafood appetizers. It is very hearty and filling and best if you are a steak lover. Otherwise you may find the menu a bit "simple" (which is not a negative because they are serious about their steaks)

      Never been to Town so can't compare with the rest.

      So to summarize, for causal and fun dinners and share a few plates with friends, I will choose Maze then the Bar Room at the Modern (in that order). For more formal dining, go to BLT Prime if you / your friends are steak lovers. Otherwise, I will choose Gordon Ramsay over The Modern.

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        I enjoyed Town a lot but the portions there also are on the small side. The flavors are more refined than at say, BLT Prime. But you will be a lot more full after BLT.

      2. I have only been to The Modern-Dining Room. We went recently for dinner and it was very good. We posted a report if you want to do a search.

        1. Avoid BLT Prime if you want to enjoy your meal

          1. If you can spend some cash, I loved the Modern for my anniversary dinner. The main dining room is really quite beautiful, excellent cheese cart and all food is prepared beautifully, kind of dark and romantic. Town is a brighter space and the food is not as impressive. BLT Prime is tasty but feels more lie a traditional steakhouse. Never been to Maze. Good luck!