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Nov 17, 2007 08:11 AM

Rehearsal dinner recommendations? 40-50 people

I'm looking for a rehearsal dinner location for 40-50 guests. We can do a set menu of about $60-80 per person.. Trying to go a little off the beaten track and unique, but also cozy and not too exotic since there are a variety of palates and diets.

Possibilities so far are Jane (a little too small), Borgo Antico, Amarone, Savoy and ReCette.

Any other ideas would be much appreciated!!

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  1. We had ours at gradisca on west 13th st.

    The food was great, staff couldnt be nicer and a great place.

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      We had ours at Rene Pujol in the Theater District and would heartily recommend it.

    2. I went to a wedding of that size in the upstairs room at Savoy and they did a beautiful job with a special customized menu per the foodie couple's specs...great wine, nice staff... you can't go wrong there.