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Nov 17, 2007 08:06 AM

What to order at Country (dining room)?

Possibly the hardest restaurant to search for on these boards!! We're going for dinner the Wed. before Thanksgiving... any recommendations? Thanks!

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  1. Get the 85 dollar pre-fixe. It's seasonal and changes every 2 weeks, so you can't go wrong.

    1. order a lot. we found portions really small at lunch. shockingly so.

      food was good though.

      1. My recommendation is choosing a different restaurant. I'm sure there will be those who think it's great, but we found it to be overpriced, pretentious and ordinary. And if the prix fixe is $85 there are plenty of better choices e.g. Cru, EMP.

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          hmmm given the less than glowing reviews + price point, we decided to change to Crispo instead. Realize that the atmospheres at the 2 are pretty different, but think we'd probably rather err on the side of less formal.

          1. re: ann_mit_01

            Yes, very different, but you can't go wrong with the food at Crispo, and the price is right.

            1. re: rrems

              Went to Crispo last night and had a great time. Ordered entirely too much food -- risotto balls (standard, but really tasty), octopus salad (also really good), a proscuitto sampler that included 2 cheeses + figs (good, but I'd probably skip next time), carbonara (fantastic and lighter than I'd have expected) and the gnocci with duck/fontina/argula (also great, but incredibly heavy despite the gnocci being ricotta and not potato-based). The pastas were easily enough for 2... and since there were 2 of us in total, we wound up with an embarassing amt of food. Would definitely return or recommend.

              1. re: ann_mit_01

                I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Next time try the mozzarella with peppers, the sausage wrapped in sage leaves, and the veal breast parmigian. The fish choices are usually exceptional, too. I have not tried the carbonara, but definitely will.