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Nov 17, 2007 08:02 AM

Thanksgiving in Elgin?

Coming to north Chicago area Thanksgiving for college basketball tournament at Sears Center. Novice to the area. Where might I find a decent place to have Thanksgiving dinner?

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  1. See this topic:

    The places mentioned in Schaumburg and Arlington Heights are very convenient to Elgin via the Northwest Tollway (I-90).

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      thanks nsxtasy, any personal recommendations for any of these places?

      1. re: payday

        I've been to three of the places listed.

        I like Wildfire. It's part of the Lettuce Entertain You group of restaurants ( ). Don't let that dissuade you; many of their restaurants are excellent, and include some of the very best restaurants in the entire Chicago area. Wildfire has several locations. I haven't been to the Schaumburg location, but I've eaten numerous times at three of their other locations. It's known as a steakhouse, and their steaks are excellent, but it's really a lot more than that. They have very good seafood too, and I like their entree salads as well. (Their excellent chopped salad is similar to the one served at Maggiano's, which was formerly part of the LEY empire.) It's been consistently very good. Not really unusual in any way, but very good.

        I've been to McCormick and Schmick's, too. It's a chain of seafood restaurants. It's been very good too.

        I see the Tribune has added listings for a couple of other places in Schaumburg, Entourage and Zed 451, since my original post in the other topic. I haven't been to either of these. I haven't been to Birch River Grill, either.

        The Tribune also added a listing for the Barn of Barrington, which is near Elgin (although not right off I-90). I've been there numerous times, for dinner, for banquets, and for their Sunday brunch (which is an extensive, excellent buffet). It's another very good place.

        I haven't been to any of these for Thanksgiving, so I can't tell you what their holiday dinner is like. It appears from the Tribune listings that Wildfire does a special holiday menu, that Barn of Barrington does a buffet, and that McC&S makes their regular menu available in addition to holiday specials. You can call them for details.

        I can't vouch for the places I've never been, but all of the three I've been to - Wildfire, McCormick and Schmick, and Barn of Barrington - are very good. Among these, my advice is, if you're looking for turkey dinner, you can go to any of them and you'll probably be very happy; if you're particularly interested in steak, go to Wildfire; and if you're particularly interested in seafood, go to McCormick and Schmick.

        And, of course, wherever you decide on, call ahead for reservations! (Some of them also accept reservations on

        HTH - enjoy your holiday!

    2. Millrose Restaurant and Brewing is very close to Sears Centre at the Barrington Road exit of I-90. I think there is a frontage road from Sears that takes you right there. Nice atmosphere and good food.

      1. Prairie Rock Brewing Company in Elgin has a fabulous Thanksgiving buffet and excellent beers and ales. Reservations are recommended.