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2nd Quality Le Creuset?

Anyone own any of this? Are the flaws really noticeable? Do they cook as well as 1st Quality?

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  1. Yup, I've got a 5.5 quart dutch oven I bought last year. It's not caused any problems at all. I make the Bittman bread in it and use it constantly for braises, stews, soups, etc.

    1. I agree with mimilulu. I was told by someone in the business to look for pieces with cosmetic flaws that are not on the bottom/heat contact area. .

      1. I've owned many second quality pieces for more than ten years. Choose carefully, look at each piece. All the flaws in mine are cosmetic - a small drip, etc. They have never affected cooking capabilities and the only way I know which is 1st quality and which is 2nd is by size; i.e. the very large pieces I would never have bought at full price are all seconds.

        1. I love my seconds. A cashier at the outlet in Gilroy was very helpful when I bought them. She checked over a pot I brought to the register, and it wasn't up to her standards. So she searched the store for me and found a better looking one.

          1. The blemishes are 99% cosmetic and in the colored enamel (not the cooking surface). Even though LC has a seconds "program" they really do destroy any piece that doesn't meet exacting standards and if some piece is horrible once you bring it home the lifetime guarantee applies. If you're going to an outlet location though be aware that they also sell firsts as well at deeply discounted prices. And they also do set discounts counting lids as a piece (and you can mix firsts and seconds). I have a few "full price" pieces but nearly all of my extensive collection comes from the outlet.

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              I just purchased a Le Creuset second from Home Goods and looked up "seconds" to see what it's about. After reading this thread, I went to examine my dutch oven. It has some light scratches on the bottom (the surface that touches the heat) -- is that something I should be worried about? And what is the 'worse case scenario' -- I mean, what does it affect?

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                light scratches on the bottom of the pot? no problem whatsoever.

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                  I saw some Le Creuset at Home Goods several years ago, there were little scuffs on the side. I wish I had glommed onto that, the price was right.

            2. I also have several second pieces I picked up at the outlets. My experience was the same as everyone else here...cosmetic flaws only and not at all affecting performance.

              I sell LC but I myself wouldn't pay full retail for it when there is the option of the seconds from the outlets...especially when there's a good sale going(like the postcard I just got for 30% off the outlet's price on both first and second quality!).

              1. Love my nine quart french oven in white. I can't find the flaw. Either could the cashier at the outlet. $109

                1. Add my voice to the chorus. I have a second 5.5 quart dutch oven that I bought at the LC outlet in my town and I couldn't even find the flaw. I've been using it for years and no problems.

                  1. I purchased 2 different sizes for myself, daughter and daughter-in-law. Some from the LC outlet and others from Home Goods. Never had a problem. I also have one 1st quality dutch oven. Have never noticed any difference between the two.

                    1. I have several le creuset, all seconds. Don't even know what the 'flaw' is in most of them; the last one I bought was a dutch oven where the first one I picked out had a flaw that I hadn't seen, and the sales woman picked out another one for me, which had a much smaller flaw (a minor drip, absolutely no effect on the cooking abilities). They're a really good deal.

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                        I've bought a number of seconds at a LeCreuset outlet store (this one happens to be in Woodbury Commons, in Harriman, NY. You have to look carefully to even find the flaw, but I've gone through a number of similar pieces to find the best (often with the help of one of their salespersons). If you sign up with an outlet store, they'll send you discount cards on occasion which can make the deal even better.

                      2. is there an outlet near no. va./dc metro area?

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                            yes, i looked at that before posting. i was hoping something at leesburg, va outlet mall. the only other outlet i know is near 95 in s.c.....
                            too bad you can't limit the search to outlets only.

                        1. This is how I've gotten all of my pieces and have been happy. I would have no problems calling the Dawsonville Outlet in GA and asking for Michael to ship me a piece. He was very good at going in the back and finding one with only a pin dot of miscolor.

                          However, I personally, would not have the same comfort level with the Orlando, FL outlet store. I went there in person and had to keep asking for a different box to look at and finally found one I was happy with that didn't have pitting on the interior floor of the 5qt oval pot.

                          1. Does anyone know if the warranty applies to these? I just bought two pieces at a local estate sale at pretty good prices, and I was pretty thrilled. Now that I'm home though, I'm noticing that there are definite cosmetic defects that would likely make these seconds...

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                              Typically warranties apply to the original owner, but reports abound of LC being generous with their warranty policy. Many people still own LC they bought in the 70s, and I'm sure they don't still have receipts ...

                              Just wanted to mention that the worst LC flaw I've ever seen was on a purchase from Williams-Sonoma at Christmas time. IIRC they brought the box from the back & I didn't inspect it thoroughly at the store/madhouse (lesson learned). I didn't see anything at the outlet to compare to that ...