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Nov 17, 2007 07:54 AM

"Something Chocolate"

My darling husband requested an additional dessert for Thanksgiving. When I asked him to be more specific he said, "something chocolate." I've got pumpkin pie, pecan pie, banana cream pie...and now a chocolate dilemma. Any suggestions?

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  1. This is about as chocolate as you can get. And it keeps for a couple of weeks in the fridge so you can do it way ahead of time.

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      I was thinking along theses lines. Initially I intended on making a chocolate hazelnut torte, but thought I'd see if some CH had something unusual to offer. I usually get great ideas from my fellow hounders.

    2. I have a recipe for a chocolate mousse cake that I really like, and is simple to make--it has a hazelnut crust. I've been making it for years even back when it was hard to get hazelnut, believe it or not. I fool around w/ it, use almonds and almond extract, add nutella, etc. It's chocolately but not super intensely chocolate, like a flourless cake would be. It's not made w/ layers of mousse. If you're interested, I can post it.

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        Yes, that sounds great. Please do post it. Thank you.

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          I had to try the new "Post a Recipe" feature so here it is:

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            How 'd you do that? I'm a little slow on this new thing. It is the same as publish a recipe button at the top here? I'm a visual learner.....

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              Yes, just click on "Add Your Own" and it's pretty self-explanatory. I love this--you can just print the recipe once and reference it.

      2. I'd make a big pan of brownies, which can also be done ahead and frozen.

        1. Can you hand him a chocolate bar after dinner? :-)

          How bout some chocolate cookies of some sort that you can make ahead(and even freeze if you make them now)?

          I don't like all chocolate desserts myself but for guests my two go-to's are either chocolate creme brulee or flourless cake.

          1. Make cookies. I just made chocolate-ginger cookies - improvised recipe, but pretty darn good. They disappeared in a flash at the office.