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Nov 17, 2007 07:18 AM

Cafe Toscano - Jericho, NY

We were at the above restaurant for the first time last Saturday night. Our friends from NJ came with us and we were looking forward to our evening. When we arrived, there was a large table in the bar room so we opted for the quieter room on the left. We noticed there was one waiter in the whole room. We chatted for a while and then started looking around for someone to take our drink order. Took quite a long time to get the waiter to come over,he was very nice. We finally got our drinks after about 15 minutes served by someone else. Then had our dinner orders taken after a long period of time by yet another person. We weren't in a hurry, but it took a long time to get the appetizers and another person served us. My husband needed a knife and was trying to wave down anyone, a waiter, bus boy, hostess to no avail. Finally a guy a the next table gave us one of there's they weren't using. They said they were upset over the service as well.
When they brought the entrees, one of them was not what was ordered but he ate it anyway to avoid waiting g-d knows how much longer. When we asked for the check a gum chewing blonde came over gave us the check without a pen after giving her our credit cards. Had to go back to get the pen as we waited yet more time. We were embarrassed our friends came all the way from NJ at our recommendation. Will never go aback to Cafe Toscano in Jericho.

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  1. We've been to Toscano a handful of times. The last time we were there, about a month or so ago, all we ordered was salad and pizza. It took forever to get our food and when it did come, only 1 pizza came out...and we had to wait even longer for the other one. The evening was 2hours...and the place was pretty empty. No apology, no offer of a drink, no nothing. We too decided that that would be our last time there.

    1. We have been at Cafe Toscano two times now and really enjoyed it both times. My husband & I had a nice dinner there one evening, with a pizza appetizer to share, wine/soda, 2 entrees and a dessert. Service was good, food was excellent. We had my husband's 40th birthday dinner there in July and, again, we thought everything was very good - pasta appetizer, choice of entrees & desserts for everyone. Our guests liked it very much. We had pizza appetizers for everyone in addition to a special price-fixe menu they set up for us. We plan to go back again soon.

      1. I have to say I am a regular at Cafe Toscano in Jericho and i've never had an experience like that, you should really contact the owner personally, he really needs to know what you experienced, did you ask to speak to him while you were there? I've always been satisfied with the food and service, at times it may be a little slow, but you are in an upscale restaurant, not a pizzeria, so it is to be expected, they say they prepare everything to order so it would make sense. Next time I go there I will tell him about your experience, but you should let him know yourself, you are missing out if you don't give it another try.

        1. I love Cafe Toscano, I think you need to give it another try.Everyone has off nights, and sometimes a new server or an overwhelmed one, can ruin a meal, but that should not ruin a good place,try it again.I am sure it will have a different out come.Ask for Luigi he is the best, I am there four times a week with my wife,haven't left unhappy yet. Also the owner is the nicest guy,ask for him and he will probaly compensate you for your grief.