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Nov 17, 2007 07:14 AM

Sacramento Recs

I am going to the NCAA Volleyball Final Four and the volleyball coaches convention the week of December 12-16. We are staying near the convention center. Anyone have any MUST eat recs for around that area? Or anyhing withina cab ride away? Much thanks.

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  1. There is no "must eat" places here in Sacto. However there are plenty of very good restaurants along the J and K street corridor, walking east from the convention center. What kind of food would you like?

    A couple of highly recommended places are the Water Boy and Biba. Neither of which are within walking distance, but only a short cab ride away.

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      Looking for good food, not necessarily haute cuisine. Ethnic food, good local specioalties etc.

    2. There are some great 3 wheeled tricycle transports that are way cooler than cabs BTW.

      The Hyatt has a great sunday brunch.

      Cheap and close:

      Jack's Urban Eats.(19th and Capitol). Kind of a weird cafeteria place, but really good food (the salads especially)

      Rubicon Brewing CO. Great beers, great food, outside dining. The wings are really good. great atmosphere..(20th and Capitol)

      Paesano's Pizza. (19th and Capitol) good pizza, really busy. Not a pizza parlor but a trendy hip restaurant.

      Tres Hermanos (J st) For most here, the best mexican food downtown.

      A bit pricier:

      Brew It Up. Great brew pub with pretty decent chow.

      Sandra Dee's. Kind of soul food. Southern cooking, fried chicken, ribs...