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Nov 17, 2007 07:08 AM

How long can cooked chicken last in the fridge?

I made a roast chicken last Saturday and refrigerated the carcass because I was intending to make stock. I have been busy all week and I finally have time to put it together today. I'm a little worried that I might have waited too long. Is the chicken still good after a week in the fridge?

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  1. Toss it! Three days is my max for leftover chicken, but I try to use it before then. After a week, it's likely to be a little slimy.

    1. Unlike pikawicca, I'm fine with a week-old carcass for making stock. Yeah, it's a bit long for leftover chicken, but if you're boiling those bones, it'll probably be fine.

      Look at it and smell it, and if it seems OK, taste a shred of chicken. If that passes the test, use it. But if you have ANY doubts, toss it - it's not worth making substandard stock.

      Next time, toss that carcass in the freezer. Then you have three months to get around to using it. (Gee, I should listen to my own advice...)