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Magic Bullet Blender

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have you seen the infomercial?? do you own one?? is it worth getting?? I ordered the 2 blenders for one deal tonight. a warning tho: the phone sales rep will read off to you a looonnnggggggg list of upgrades and you have to keep saying NO NO NO NO NO NO NO and more NOs.

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  1. One of my Chowhound Rules of Thumb: Never, never, NEVER buy a cooking implement that you saw on a TV infomercial. For $50 you could have bought a real Oster Beehive blender that is much more capable than the Magic Bullet, and you wouldn't have to get ripped off on shipping... forty bucks to ship it? Are they INSANE? At that shipping rate, I think the company will turn a profit even if you send the thing back.

    From what I've seen, the Magic Bullet pretty much stinks... louder than most blenders, and according to Cook's Illustrated about the only thing it does well is grind dry things like spices. For mixing up sauces, a whisk works just as well.

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    1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

      I saw the Magic Bullet on sale at Linens-n-Things. No shipping, and you can use one of the ubiquitous LnT 20% off coupons.

    2. I hate to admit it, but I'm a total sucker for infomercials! I just love them! I've seen the Magic Bullet, but I was never able to bring myself to order one because of the microwave alfredo business. However, I got one for Christmas last year and it has been hiding away in the bar ever since. I'll bust it out as soon as my kitchen remodel is done. My friend makes pesto in hers and loves it.

      I must say to Jester that embarrassingly enough I did order a Nu-Wave Oven. OMG! It really does everything it says it does. Well...maybe not everything because I've only done a couple of things in it of course. That seems to be my MO. BUT it did perfectly brown and quickly cook a turkey from frozen AND with only a little bit of fat in the dripping pan. So all of the juices stayed in the meat. So you are out of luck if you want to make gravy. I think your next purchase should be the Nu-Wave...just so I'm not alone!

      1. My nephew got one when he was maybe nine years old. He loves to make "smoothies" and experiment with throwing different stuff in there.

        1. I think I saw this being sold at Macy's ("Magic Bullet Express" -- is it the same thing?). I used to be very anti-infomercial, until I was won over by a Ronco commercial for a cheap set of knives. It worked out great!

          1. MarkG
            They are fun (loud but fun) I'd say if you chose to order it over, say, paying your mortgarg, you might want to rethink it, but otherwise, have fun. I use mine all the time (Got it as a gift) That being said, I'd have to agree with JK, the Oster Beehive is a better made piece of equipment. Listen: Do you really want your stuff to outlive you?... Naaah ! For your first thing, make something cool, like a milkshake :-}

            1. while it certainly won't replace a good "workhorse" that you use for everyday tasks, it does have its place. i bought one at bed, bath & beyond that i take with me when i travel so i can make protein shakes when i'm away from home. it's small enough that it doesn't take up too much room in the suitcase, and the cups are easy to clean in a hotel sink.

              1. I only know one person that bought one and it was a piece of junk. I think there is a direct correlation between the quality of the product to the idocy level of the commercial.

                Which begs me to ask, what's up with all the English people peddling tacky junk on American TV?

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                  We Americans reflexively think English people sound smart and sophisticated! I work for a British-based company, and it ain't necessarily so.

                  1. re: coney with everything

                    you are correct tho the magic bullet guy i think is an aussie

                2. Mine was given to me. I really just use it to whip up salad dressings. For that task, it works quite nicely (it's super quick, and everyone loves my dressings), though I'm not sure it'd be worth the purchase + shipping if it were up to me.

                  1. I bout one and had a lot of fun with it: it died and my bf bought me another one , so I now have double the blades and...double the 6 cups that comes with it ! While the bullet really does not take a lot of counter space, it does take alot of cuboard space.

                    I had a lot of fun making frozen drinks with it , grinding spices and doing salad dressing and pesto. But it doesn't leave a lot of texture.

                    My new best friend is the Jamie Oliver Flavour shaker !

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                      Only ten quid (~$20.50 US) for a plastic jar with a big marble in it... wow, what a deal!

                    2. Seventeen pieces! That's my ticket to I've Lost An Important Part And Now The Whole Thing Is Useless City right there.

                      I haven't seen the propaganda on television, but the website lists a whole lot of things that I already do with my All Purpose Knife. Except for this recipe for pureed raw meat sauce:
                      "Just toss fresh tomatoes, onions, garlic, spices,
                      even raw steak
                      into the Bullet for 7 seconds, then pop it in the
                      microwave and you've got hot fresh spaghetti meat
                      sauce - from scratch "

                      Not my idea of chow, sorry.

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                      1. re: Chuckles the Clone

                        Yikes! Hardly sounds appetizing!! Gotta stick with the salad dressings...

                      2. Have not used it but I did see it for sale at Costco yesterday. At least if someone finds out that it is junk it's easy to return it!

                        1. I've had my magic bullet, straight from the infomercial and everything, for a long while now. It's a good little machine that doesn't take up a lot of space. Being in college when I first bought the thing, there was quite a bit of frozen drink making in those first few months. Good times.

                          Overall, it was worth the $40 or so to me to replace the base (aka motor) when it died after a year of intense usage, and it's still one of the few appliances that takes up valuable counter space in my small kitchen. Now if someone can figure out how to shrink that microwave taking up valuable space...

                          1. I don't have the magic bullet, but a Korean version of it. As there are only two of us, I find it very handy for doing small tasks such as grinding up flax seeds, making a small amount of pesto, etc.