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Nov 16, 2007 10:34 PM

just gotta love that Paula Dean

on her thanksgiving show, she cooks fresh off the cob corn kernels in a huge amount of bacon fat. then puts a BIG hunk of butter on top. may be deadly. may be white trash cookin. but i wanted to try it!!

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  1. She also makes fried butter balls -- deep fat fried butter and cream cheese mixed and rolled in bread crumbs. ewwww.

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      I know she is over the top for the show but I have to say I ate at The Lady and Sons and my family and I thought it was wonderful.....for what it was. We live in LA and have hit up and are semi regulars at some very fine restaurants but that Low Country Boil we had at Paula's was memorable for us.....big, juicy, perfectly cooked shrimp and the potatoes...after that meal I will forever adore her, but I can't watch the show.

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        You know, the recipes she trots out for The Lady and Sons seem to be of a different ilk than the current deep-fat fried, butter-added abominations she offers ow. I have to agree with others that the morphing of Ms. Deen from what came across as a warm, matronly personality to the cackling screeching creature she is today is unfortunate.

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          Totally agree! Paula has been "Emrilized"...she is to butter what he is to garlic. Kind of cartoonish really and the crowd's with their cheering and Ohh and Ahhs are just pouring gas on the fire.

    2. Her recipes are "usually" pretty good. Feel free to not try anything that is fried though. Or to leave out some of the butter. Also, I'm from the South... but I can't handle her accent. High-pitched backwater Georgia accent is a little tough on the ears.

      Recipe recs - Bobby's Pimento Cheese is excellent. Chicken and Rice Casserole is very good. As is her crabcake recipe that uses Ritz crackers in place of breadcrumbs.

      A lot of her cooking is a good starting place for Southern dishes. Also, most require less effort than you would think. She likes using storebought materials in the right amounts, to achieve a great taste.

      1. I used to love Paula, until she became the character of Paula. Her old shows are so sincere and she had incredible ideas. If you haven't tried her Saturday Night Onions you must. It's like eating a hearty French Onion Soup. It's things like that which make me miss the real Paula. This abomination of cooking that is currently taking place is an embarrassment.

        Although, I'll add...I doubt she feels embarrassed on the way to the bank.

          1. I was watching the Food Network recently in the off hours and saw a Paula Deen show where she was just quietly cooking something and it was so subdued. She was not heavily made up and seemed halfway serious about what she was doing. It was such a total change from that ridiculous show they have her doing on Friday nights. I enjoyed it and wondered if that is more what the real Paula Deen is like.

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              was like. that was probably an old repeat.