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Afternoon Tea with Clotted/Devonshire cream

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hello! i was wondering if anyone could recommend the best place to have traditional English tea. i'm craving some clotted cream and scones! the clotted cream is a must. i was thinking of the Four Seasons in BH or the Peninsula in BH. any other suggestions? thanks!

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    1. I have a co-worker who claims to have tried all English teas in the LA area, and she recommends the Peninsula above all others. I don't know about the clotted cream, though. I found that at Rose Tree Cottage in Pasadena, a tiny place owned by an English couple that does 2-3 tea servings a day.

      1. I love having tea at the Biltmore in downtown LA, especially this time of year, where the hotel is decorated for the holidays. It's just beautiful, and the best Devonshire cream...yummy!

        1. tudor house in santa monica on 2nd st.

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            very reasonable. not the most elegant setting. but it's real devon cream.

            or is it from cornwall? i can't remember. it is clotted and quite good, and devon/cornwall... they're neighbors.

          2. Peninsula for certain. If you go, have the full service. Have heard good things about Tudor in SM but have never been there.

            1. Clementine has a tea with clotted cream on Thursday afternoons - obviously it would be more more quaint than the Bel Air or Peninsula.

              1. What is the deal with the Huntington Rose Garden Tea? We went to see the Shakespeare festival on Saturday, and they said you have to make the reservation at least 2 weeks in advance. I walked in to see what all the fuss is about, and it is a buffet? Is it all you can eat? What makes it so special for $19.95 per person?

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                  It is a buffet, all you can eat - many sandwich and dessert selections. It is okay, pretty good in fact. I think they only have a few choices of tea. Caveat is that you have to pay to get into the gardens and then for the tea.
                  I much prefer Rose Tree Cottage in Pasadena. They only have their house blend of tea, but it is very good and they do the whole clotted cream thing (as they are both British). They are supposed to be closing down and relocating as they are tearing down the courtyard that they are in to replace it with "affordable housing" but they are still there currently. See link.