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Nov 16, 2007 09:50 PM

Picture Cakes

Where can I find a place that can take any photo and put it on the cake of my choice??

can anyone make any recommendations?


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  1. I sure do. Give Vangie at Honeycrust Bakery in Scarborough a call. They do a great job with pictures and their slab cakes taste good too! I've used them many times for work functions. If you call, please tell Vangie that Judy says hi. If you can't find the phone number let me know.

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      1. re: zoohort2

        Also from the Dominion website:
        For the Kid who Loves Herself
        Nurture that self confidence—don’t stifle it. Find a picture of your soccer champ and march right down to Dominion where they will bake a cake for you and then smack a marzipan photo of the birthday girl and her soccer ball right on top. Give them a day or two to order and pick up the morning of the party. Pick up the extra napkins you forgot while you are there.

      2. re: millygirl

        Hi Millygirl,
        I hope you will read this topic soon. Have to order a cake for boss. I spoke to Vangie, but she doesn't remembe a "Judy," says she know too many??

        Anyhow, please let me know if their cakes are like Dominion, Costco or Loblaws? I'm looking for something more special than that, and find their cakes too sweet and artificial tasting, however, their prices are good.