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Nov 16, 2007 08:49 PM

Help! Need last-minute gourmet carry out for Thanksgiving!

I'm desperate! We live in Chicago, and we always go to my sister's in the Thousand Oaks area for Thanksgiving. They don't like to cook, so I come out a day early to do all the shopping, prep, and make everything from scratch--from brining the turkey to the pie. But this year our group of eight has now ballooned to 22, and I just found out about this. So I'm in a panic.

Clearly I need gourmet carry out, which is difficult since I'm not as aware of the resources in the LA area. On this site, I found Joan's on Third and Clementine's, but it looks as though the deadline for placing the order was this afternoon. I definitely plan on calling first thing in the morning and shamelessly begging, but in case this is futile, do you have any suggestions?

This is difficult partly because I've set the bar so high in past years. I think the quality needs to be higher end. I could easily still do the turkey if I could find the side dishes. So frustrating because the Joan's menu looked PERFECT (I had trouble with the fonts for Clementine's).

I'd be eternally grateful if anyone has ANY ideas...and I'm not ruling out bribery!

Thanks so much for your help, ideas, suggestions...anything!


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  1. popfab,

    Try Julienne in San Marino.

    Last day to order is Monday at noon.

    Good luck.

        1. re: Babette

          josie is a great idea...i've never done their holiday thing, but it's one of my favorite restaurants.

          there's also another thread on the same topic that has more suggestions...

          1. re: Babette

            The 3 Square thanksgiving food looks great. Knowing them, they'll do a fabulous job because they know how to find the right balance between hearty and refined.

          2. Thank you! Julienne's and Josie's both look like great suggestions, and there's still time to order at both; hooray! Has anyone tried the cornbread and/or sausage stuffing at Josie's? And, one last question, if Joan's on Third lets me place an order today (even though the deadline was yesterday), what would you suggest between Joan's, Julienne's, and Josie's?

            Again, it's hard living in Chicago because I don't know the reputations. Now if anyone visits Chicago, I can totally help you?

            Thanks again!

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            1. re: popfab

              IMHO Josie is far superior to Julienne, however Julienne has the bird.

              3 Square sent the following e-mail with Thanksgiving offerings:

              Happy (almost) Thanksgiving! If you haven’t yet made plans or are looking to simplify your plans, please consider the following eat-in or take-out menu!

              3 Square Café + Bakery will be open on Thursday, November 22, 2007:
              § From 8:00 am to 12:00 pm for breakfast
              § From 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm for Thanksgiving supper
              § Our bakery will be open from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm

              Our Thanksgiving dinner menu for both take-out or eat-in features:
              Butternut squash soup with dried cranberries and walnuts
              Roasted beet salad with arugula and hazelnut vinaigrette
              § Main Course - Traditional oven-roasted organic “Diestel” turkey with all the trimmings
              Cranberry sauce
              Mashed potatoes
              Parsley spätzle
              Caramelized Brussels sprouts
              Apple-braised cabbage
              Homemade bourbon gravy
              Pretzel stuffing
              § Desserts (choice of)
              Individual pies and pudding served with whipped cream
              Apple pie with whipped cream
              Pumpkin pie with whipped cream
              Röckenwagner bread pudding

              The prix fixe dinner menu is $39.95 per person.

              Please call 310-399-6504 to place take-out order and for reservations of parties of 4 or more. Our address is 1121 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice, CA 90291 (cross street: San Juan).

              Happy holidays,

              Patti + Hans
              Annette + Wolfgang