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Nov 16, 2007 08:25 PM

NYC hound in Silver Spring

Hi, I need some Help. I'll be staying 2 days in Silver Spring, it was unplanned and I'm leaving in about 5 hours. I would like some lunch&dinner reccs near Silver Spring,as I know places in DC but nothing in SP. Anything would work (well aside from sushi cause ive been eating sushi the whole week in NYC), just the best food near there. Indian, Mexican, Korean, Thai, Chinese, American, French, West African, Ethiopean..oh is there any particularly good cuban or puertorican place? THANKS a lot in advance!

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  1. Ruan Thai is a must. Stir fried boneless duck and watercress with shrimp, squid, and cashews are two of the highlights among many. Other dishes to order are the eggplant appetizer, tofu with basil and hot peppers, shrimp and bean thread casserole. There are several whole fish preparations which are dynamite. Although this is a great place, you do have to ask for the hot dishes being fiery hot if you like them that way.

    Max's is a deli with a best-in-show felefel bar. Absolultely great eating, wonderful exotic toppings.

    Cubano's has a sampling platter (bandeja) that is ourageously good, Vaca frita, mini-empanadas, platanos, etc. Make sure to ask for BOTH sauces, the moljo and the cilantro aioli.

    I'm also a big fan of Chez Auntie Libe, a Senegalese place in DC, but close to Silver Spring, near Georgia Ave. and Rittenhouse. Yassa chicken, lamb riblets, good whole fish. If you are into manioc (cassava leaf stew) then the version here is regal - made with oxtail - and utterly rich. Maffe (lamb with peanut sauce) is so rich it's best for sharing.

    Ok, now I'm jealous.

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      LRS, you don't say if you'll have a car -- Ruan Thai and Max's are in Wheaton -- up Georgia Avenue -- one stop north on the Metro or by bus. And Max's is closed on Saturday. I absolutely recommend Ray's the Classic's (Georgia Ave and Colesville Raoda) particularly the bar menu. I would NOT recommend the Indian, Ethopian or Mexican restaurants on Georgia Ave (nor am I a fan of Mi Rancho off of Coleville, across from Cubano's (go to Cubano's instead), but Addis Ababa, Ethiopian, 8233 Fenton St Silver Spring, is solid.

    2. Sounds like you're looking for hole-in the wall true chow places. If so, you can't beat Teddy's Roti Shop. True Trinidadian roti and buss up shut. It's in DC just about .5 mile down from the Silver Spring line, on the west side of Georgia Ave., about six stores before you reach the intersection of Geranium Street.

      The Jamaican place (Tropical?) at the Corner of Alaska Ave. and Georgia Ave., just a few feet inside DC from SS, also turns out a good Caribbean meal. Don't be put off by the rather sterile look of the place.

      For upscale dining, Ray's the Classics is arguably one of the best spots in the entire DC area. It's right in downtown SS on Colesville at Georgia. Reserve. And the local restaurant critic (the Post) just chimed in on a new place, Nicaro. Here's a link:

      1. What about El Pollo Rico? It is still open isn't it? Hole in the wall, but last time I was there great chicken. It isn't exactly SS, but I am assuming you could drive/metro/cab in some combination.

        1. In the downtown SS area, do not miss Ray's the Classics. It is now open on Sundays for dinner from 5:30pm until 8:30pm. If you have a chance, try out the new bar menu: soup (including the lentil with merguez sausage!) or salad, a choice of entree (I love the hanger steak, and fried chicken which I enjoyed very much last night) with creamed spinach and mashed potatoes on the side, and dessert. $22.95. The steak salad and chopped steak dinners are also amazing. If you like steak tartare, and are at the bar, try the devilishly good eggs, recently returned to the bar menu.

          The new Nicaro, a few easy blocks from RTC on Georgia Ave. is also open for lunch and dinner on Saturday, and dinner on Sunday.

          And virtually around the corner from Nicaro on Fenton is Addis Ababa, a great choice in Silver Spring for authentic and delicious Ethiopian - open every day.

          For Burmese, try Mandalay, also a close walk on Bonifant and also open for lunch and dinner every day.

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            Thanks to all, I just went to Ruan Thai and it was great.

            1. re: LRS

              Glad you liked it. When you have more time, please tell us what you had.

              1. re: Steve

                hi, sure. we had the green papaya salad with dried shrimp, a crab and pork appetizer, fried watercress, i had the fried pork belly with string beans, we also had tofu pad thai, chicken and pork panang, a fried rice dish, and boneless chicken with basil and peppers. everything was very good, the fried belly was particularly tasty.