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Nov 16, 2007 07:57 PM

Gingerbread Houses (best place) ?

Where would be the best place to purchase a small Gingerbread House
for TWO small children?
I normally get one for my friends kids each year and wanted to try somewhere

Somewhere near downtown (union station) preferred:)


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  1. Are you looking for something pre-made and ready to admire/eat or something partially pre-made (ie. gingerbread is already cut and cooked) where the kids can help decorate the thing?

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    1. re: SherylKirby

      PRE-MADE, but not sitting there for 4 weeks
      perhaps a place where I can order one in advance:)
      The place I got to has wonderful houses made, yet fresh and ready to eat

      If you have suggestions where kids can decorate it, that would be groovy:)

      1. re: NoFixedAddress

        I was in the Shoppers Drug Mart the other day and they had gingerbread kits there with the house all ready to assemble. (And it was small, too). Now I have not tried their kits, (nor do I intend to), but maybe if it is just for your kids it could be fun to put together and possibly passable for very little $. We are not talking steak tartare here.

        Each year I usually make my own from scratch and it ends up costing at least $50! (And we are not talking about anything elaborate) However there really is a magical joy for the kids about a gingerbread house, even though it's just candy oriented in fancy directions :)

        Also for the first time last year I made a peanut brittle recipe from the new york times for a "cobblestone path" -- probably the easiest thing I ever cooked, JUST sugar and peanuts (no water, butter, etc). And that turned out to be a surprise hit! So you never know.

        1. re: NoFixedAddress

          I'd go with Mad Batters...

          They normally do pre-made houses, but I bet they'd assemble one and leave it blank so the kids could decorate it. They usually have a booth at the One of a Kind Show, but they also have a retail location on Jefferson Avenue in Liberty Village.

      2. There was an earlier discussion about making gingerbread houses. I had suggested participating in the Habitat for Humanity Gingerbread fundraiser for families or checking out your local Loblaws for an event. That poster wanted an actual class on how to make gingerbread so the information wasn't helpful to him.

        Do you live in Toronto? Or are you commuting out and need something that won't get mangled during the ride home?

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        1. re: Zengarden

          In a 'ginger-shell'.......(bad pun) this is what I need:

          Cute, fresh, small in size for 2 girls ages 9-11

          Will travel if it is worth it, but not way North of T.O. more downtown-ish
          No worries on being banged around, commuting.....

        2. Loblaws definitely has 90 minute do-it-yourself Gingerbread classes at their Victoria Park Market store and maybe some other spots, but they may be full. A friend just gave us a kit she bought at Costco for me to put together with my four year old. The one we got last year (different store) was inedible, but that wasn't the point. My daughter and I had a messy blast putting it together and making it look as tacky as possible. I know you're seeking ready-made, but the kids might enjoy the experience (the parents might not feel the same about the clean-up).