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Nov 16, 2007 07:25 PM

Whole foods restaurant in SF

Looking for a restaurant near union station for breakfast/lunch that serves brown rice, maybe alternative grains such as kamut or spelt baking (a bakery that uses these would be okay too) and other healthy alternatives.

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  1. Union... station?

    Do you mean Union Square?

    1. There is no "Union Station" in SF. I think you mean Union Square.

      Delica in the Ferry Building comes to mind. They have a nice variety of healthy grains and other ingredients done in a Japanese inspired style.

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      1. re: Shane Greenwood

        sorry, yes, Union Square, I keep saying station, I don' t know why.

        1. re: Shane Greenwood

          up here we have a health foods grocery store that also has a fully organic cafe that serves homemade soups, breads, rice bowls, salad bar. It is easy to get gluten free, dairy free, sugar free items. that is sort of what I am looking for. or a bakery that uses ancient grains & organic whole wheat for their breads.

            1. re: chemchef

              I'd guess Edmonton, based on her post history. Maybe the Summer of Love has just reached there.

              1. re: Xiao Yang

                yup you guessed correctly, Edmonton. The store i am referring to is called organic roots. there are also a couple of other cafes that are opening up here along those lines. a few full service restaurants are going organic/local too, things are really coming along! i figure this should be easy in SF

                1. re: PeterL

                  She IS the OP!

                  She was just trying to give us a feel for what she has available in her area so that we could more easily direct her to places similar or better (different) than what she has at home.

                  1. re: cleopatra999

                    Pardon my flippancy. The "whole foods" type places these days seem to focused more on veggies than grains, compared to the macrobiotic days of the '60s. There are a number of "raw foods/live foods" places along with a lot of vegetarian, "sustainable" and organic options, but not with a lot of emphasis that I can see on gluten-free, but others are better able to tell you about that than me

                    1. re: Xiao Yang

                      that is too bad, i may have to bring my own loaf of bread then. i am carb loading (without eating wheat) for a marathon, so ancient grains and brown rice are what i hope to find.

                      1. re: cleopatra999

                        You can certainly buy those goods at markets like Whole Foods and Rainbow Co-op; I just can't think of any options for restaurants/cafes or over-the-counter bakeries featuring them, especially in that part of town.

                        1. re: cleopatra999

                          I just visited SF a few weeks ago and I was taken to Cafe Gratitude by some friends. Raw-Vegan food is not my bag but I enjoy new experiences and they blew away my every expectation. Phenomal stuff. I live in Minneapolis and have a hard time with the idea of a raw food lifestyle in the upper midwest (or central provinces for that matter). But a fun and definitely whole food experience.

                          NYT is running an article about Vegetarian Fare in SF including info on Cafe Gratitude:


                          1. re: cleopatra999

                            I don't think you will have any problems here. There are gluten free breads all over the place, from farmer's markets (which occur nearly every day of the week) to specialty grocery stores (Whole Foods, Rainbow Grocery, etc). Restaurants may not readily have gluten free breads, but I think that most of the vegetarian restaurants will have the types of foods you're looking for. Personally, I think its often more fun to visit the farmer's market for breakfast... you can get your gluten free bread along with some of the freshest fruit available and coffee or other beverage to wash it all down.

                            I hope these suggestions are helpful and that you enjoy your visit!

                2. Millenium Resturant (veg. is very near) here's a link.....


                  also from todays New York Times..."Expanding the Frontiers of the Vegetarian Plate"

                  about veg. restaurants in S.F. ... Millenium is featured... here's that link.......


                  Hope this helps

                  1. Not sure if this will have everything you're looking for, but the Gluten Free by the Bay blog has a category on Bay Area restaurants and shops. I didn't sort through it, but maybe you'll find something here helpful?