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Nov 16, 2007 06:21 PM

north county san diego wine bars?

hey all - i'm meeting up with a couple gfriends tomorrow evening for a glass/bottle/many bottles of wine. can anyone rec a few north county wine bars?

many thanks!

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  1. It might be too late for you by now - but there's a new one out by Santaluz called Decanter that is supposed to have a huge number of wines by the glass. I met the owner at an event the other night and he was very nice. I think Firefly also might be a good spot for something like that.

    If you get a chance, let us know where you went!

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      ooooo - i'm intrigued. do you have the website or address for decanter? santa luz isn't too far from us.

      we ended up going to arterra and sitting in their lounge. they're featuring half off a selection of their favorite and new release wines. we shared a really lovely bottle of JRE petite sirah and some apps! here's the info on their half price wines if anyone is interested:

      note: it says that the half price bottles are only avail if you purchase an entree from the restaurant menu, but they still honored the half off for us even though we ordered small bites from the lounge menu.

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