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Wolfgang Puck Grill MGM Grand Detroit

Visited Wolfgang Pucks Grill in the MGM Grand Casino in Detroit on 11-16-07 for Lunch. The staff was very good and attentive we had a short wait for a seat and sat in the bar to wait. The bar service was good and the drinks were above average. The bar area has seating with food service as well as the main restaurant, and the bar area actually seems more cozy.

We sat in a booth by the bar and bar staff served us they were knowledgeable and attentive the food was above average we had the following.

Butternut Squash Soup very good

Caesar Salad was good but not anything special

Margarita Pizza was OK, they specialize in wood ovens and the gourmet pizzas are a signature item. The crust was not crispy put kind of limp and there was to much cheese for a Margarita Pizza which should be keying on fresh Tomatoes and Basil.

Sauteed Crab Cakes were awesome

Grilled Rib Eye Steak with blue cheese was fantastic as well.

Desert was a Lemon Chiffon with blueberries and lemon lime curd again fantastic.

The restaurant is new and the food is definitely high end and priced that way but worth the visit if you enjoy good food in a relaxed atmosphere.

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  1. Thanks for the review- I was dying to hear about any of the MGM dining spots.

    I'm surprised at their pizza but glad to hear about the overall experience. I haven't been yet because it's 18 and over at all the restaurants. It will have to wait until we get sitters unfortunately.

    Are you going to try Michael Mina's places soon? :-) I'm thinking of doing the anniversary dinner at one of them...

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      Wolfgang Puck is the only restaurant right off the hotel lobby, allowing for guests under 21. At all other restaurants, you must be 21 years or older.

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        My husband and I did Michael Mina's Bourbon Steak last month for our anniversary. It was fantastic. Expensive, but fantastic.

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          Will second a vote for Bourbon Steak, if you get a chance order the Truffled Mac and Cheese, Would eat nothing but that given a chance, very very rich, not on the weight watchers menu that's for sure. Had the 10 oz filet and it was perfectly cooked, very tender.
          will also vouch for the cost, a wee bit on the pricey side, but I wouldn't expect the Puck places to be any cheaper.

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            I also had the 10 oz piedmontese filet--smokey flavor, perfectly cooked, excellent. Another great side is the blue cheese scalloped potatoes. Sinful and delicious.

      2. Thanks F.S. My boss is taking me there for Christmas lunch and I appreciate the review. LOVE crab cakes, so I will get them.

        1. No problem I would check on the 18 and over as the restaurant entrance is from the Hotel, and security for the Casino checks ID further in. And I have not tried Michael Mina's but have eaten at the buffet and it was well above average.


          1. we went there for lunch yesterday....food was fabulous. as firestalker said, the butternut squash soup was VERY good. i had the ricotta gnocchi (good, hearty) and my husband had the goulash (very good) the beer selections were fantastic and i highly recommend the pinkus organic pils. the service however...very disappointing. i won't go into details, just in case she was having a bad day, but our waitress was extremely rude, not specifically to us, but to her other tables. it was a BIG turn off. she wasn't extremely attentive. beautiful setting...next time we may sit and eat at the bar, there was a bit more atmosphere there, and hopefully the service will be a bit more civil!!

            1. We just went to Puck's place last night with a large group and sampled a bunch of appetizers and pizzas and many, many cocktails.

              My favorite, hands down, was the crab cake platter. More crab than cake -- lots of tender chunks of meat, and the flavors were bright but not overpowering. The presentation was beautiful.

              Of the pizzas, I favored the Smoked Salmon Pizza with Crème Fraiche, Fresh Dill and Black Caviar. It was heavenly. The margherita was also gooey, chewy, crispy and fabulous.

              We also all really liked the yellowfin tuna tartare, although it could have used a bit more heat for my taste.

              Also memorable:
              the beef tartare with quail egg and crostini
              tuna sashimi with seaweed salad
              and the "Potato and Pecorino Agnolotti with Shaved Parmesan and Truffle Oil." Tiny evelopes of heaven, with fried herbs sprinkled on top. Mmmmmmm ...

              Here's a link to the menu: http://www.mgmgranddetroit.com/restau...

              If you are sensitive to smoky settings, it was nice to find the casino atmosphere not overpowering in the bar, although it seemed to pick up as the night grew later. We also went upstairs to check out the nightclub, Ignite. Very chic, very trendy.

              We then split some cookie trays for dessert. Those were a little bit of a let down after the fabulous appetizer/pizza frenzy, although some in our party are still dreaming about the mini molten chocolate cakes, which I must admit were the standouts.

              Oh, and the espresso martini was quite nice -- not too sweet at all, and good strong espresso flavor. We also liked the passion fruit cocktail.

              Wolfgang Puck Grille
              1777 Third Street, Detroit, MI 48226

              1. Puck's Is Very good solid food. Don't bother with either of Mina's joints.

                1. Puck's Cafe is featured in the Feb. issue of Hour mag.