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Nov 16, 2007 06:10 PM

Dinner for 30 in Seattle?

Looking for suggestions for a Saturday evening dinner for around 30 people in late January. We'd like to stay in Seattle - downtown, Belltown, Queen Anne, Shilshole or nearby. The capacity to handle 30 dinners at once is obviously a factor, a private dining room would be nice. Palisades might be a bit steep, Ray's is a definite possibility, I'm sure we can do better than Salty's. Thoughts?

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  1. Dahlia Lounge, Waterfront ($$), Steelhead Diner, Flying Fish, Tulios, Six Seven at the Edgewater all can handle that. I've done private parties at all but Steelhead and have had great experiences.

    1. Here would be my top 3 choices:

      1)Volterra's new private event space
      2)Crush- upstairs
      3)La Spiga

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        I second Volterra and Crush, not La Spiga. The food has went extremely downhill since opening the new space. The old location I would rave about till no end, but after trying the new one a handfull of times, we have been nothing but disappointed.

      2. We held a private dinner at Tulio's last night and the food and service were top-notch. Any issues were handled with a great positive attitude. The steaks, ahi and chicken all looked and tasted delicious.

        1. Hales Ales is about, of course, Ales, and tends more to (quite good) pub-grub than fine dining, but they do a broad offering of comfortable food from their capacious kitchen and have a private room that can seat your party. Stop in for a beer, have a look at the facility and check out the menu.

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