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Nov 16, 2007 06:09 PM

Don't know Bay Shore & Need a Recommendation

Seeing Lucy Kaplansky at the Y in Bay Shore on Saturday night-driving in from Brooklyn and don't know the area at all. Informal dining suggestions (except Chinese or Italian) would be helpful. A diner in the area, perhaps? Thanks.

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  1. As far as diners, Peter Pan Diner on Bayshore Road and Sunrise Highway, been owned by the same family for almost fifty years.

    1. Smokin Al's BBQ right on main street (walking distance from the Y, I think) is great but get there early. The don't take reservations and they fill up fast.

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        i 2nd Smokin Al's. I think its the best BBQ in the region, and its right there in Bayshore.

      2. Siam Lotus on Union Blvd, across from the train station, is very good for Thai food.

        1. For great basic seafood head to Nicky's off of Maple Ave near the ferry terminal. It's about a mile or so from the Y. The best fried seafood and seafood bisque in the area.

          Or if you want more basic I would recommend Milk and Sugar over a diner.

          1. Too late for your dinner but yes to Smokin Al's and Peter Pan for diner and if Nicky's as it's been reported here, is almost as amazing as Porky's which occupied the same location many years ago, then ditto on that rec too.