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Nov 16, 2007 05:13 PM

Urasawa Reservation in December!!!!!!!!

Okay, so I have finally made my reservation for a Tuesday in December. I have been waiting for years to go to this restaurant. First when it was Ginza Sushiko, and now as Urasawa. It took turning 30 and giving birth to a baby boy to convince my husband that it was time, but I did it!
I can't be more excited. I let them know that it was a birthday and how excited I was when I made my reservation. Really, I am giddy!
I have read all of the posts, but is there anything in particular that I should know? We are going at 6pm so we can get good seats,and on a Tuesday so it might not be full. Can I request the seat in front of Hiro-san? At the end of the meal, if we do want more sushi, can we request it? We are bringing champange and red wine with us, anything other suggestions? I have a bottle of Crystal, and a '78 La Mission Haut Brion. Can we offer any wine to Hiro?
Thank you in advance for any tips!!!!

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  1. Dear, it will be just 10 ( at most ) blessed souls and Hiro-san.
    Everybody seats in front of Hiro-san.
    All seats are good.
    At the end of the meal you have to BEG Hiro-san to stop bringing up more sushi ( it seems in traditional kaiseki, rice is served at the end of the meal ).
    You SHOULD ( or should I say MUST? ) offer wine to Hiro-san.

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    1. re: RicRios

      yes hiro-san will drink a bit of wine with you. Congrats. It will be an unforgettable experience. You have excellent taste in wine. '78 haut brian is to die for.

      At 6pm it will probably be empty so you may be able to grab the 2 corner seats (my favorite).

      You can ask for some more sushi but I wouldn't go too crazy. You'll probably be full by then anyway.

      1. re: rvd72

        Hey RVD,

        Would it be OK to bring your own Sake as well? I have a personal favorite Sake and am not sure what Urasawa offers in-house.

          1. re: exilekiss

            you can review his sake list. it's pretty good with a good mix of affordable and high priced items. but you can bring your own and pay the $30 corkage and he won't mind (especially if he doesn't serve it).


          2. re: rvd72

            So, I don't want to get villified for this, but I have never been the biggest fan of shabu shabu. Is it really as wonderful as everyone says, and one of the high points in the meal, or does it fill you up so it is hard to get to all the wonderful sushi at the end?

            1. re: Food622

              shabu shabu traditionally is ok...just thin raw slices of meat usually dipped in a broth with some vegetables.

              but like most things, Urasawa's shabu shabu is different. it doesn't really fill you up (no one dish really fills you up at's more along the lines of "death by a thousand cuts"). but anyway, his shabu shabu is excellent. he cuts real wagyu beef for the beef section, excellent white fish, and some of the best foie gras that i've had.

              the foie gras is rich and some palates can't handle the rich texture and flavor. if you don't like foie gras, then just don't eat it. my wife always gives me hers and it's tough for me to eat it all because the last piece is just so rich and my palate is overloaded but my heart can't see it go to waste. it literally melts in your mouth.

              after the shabu shabu, Hiro will give you a spoon for the broth. i usually take 2-3 spoon fulls and that's it. there's really no reason to eat it all as the broth really will fill you up.

              usually i get full about 3/4 of the way through the sushi.


              1. re: rvd72

                The Foie was actually a concern. I love it, but it can be so rich, I never finish it. Would it be rude to tell them when they asked me if there are things I don't eat, to not serve me the Foie, and I can just take a bite of my husband's? I would hate to waste it. I am also not a huge fan of the matsutake mushrooms.

          1. I loathe eggs, but I pinched my nose and ate the tamago (which was more like the best savory spongecake I have ever consumed) and the chawanmushi. Just keep an open mind and heart - you sound like you are already psyched to have a similar experience to mine. It was the best way I could imagine to celebrate my grad school graduation, so many happy returns to you times two. Hey, when I am served 5 courses with toro, all is well in the world...