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Nov 16, 2007 05:02 PM

___uck on Heliotrope?

Hi gang,

Just drove by Scoops today for my usual ice cream fix. Across the street from Scoops, as I drove home, there's was a diner or coffeeshop with a worn-out sign that says ___uck. It has an "A" from the Health Dept. What is this place? Is it good?


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  1. It's the Pure Luck. Bar with vegan food. I think it's run by the bicycle kitchen guys.

    1. What flavors are there at Scoops today????

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      1. re: fdb

        Banana+Oreo, Honey+Saffron, Orange Vanilla+Rum, Blueberry+Mascarpone, and the ever-popular brown bread. Genius.