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Nov 16, 2007 04:14 PM

MSP-great peanut brittle

A friend asked me to recommend a good source for peanut brittle--preferably local, but mail order will do--and I drew a blank. I haven't bought it for years, although I sure do love to eat it. Can any of you help out? Thanks much.

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  1. Pardon the interruption, but please limit your discussion in this thread to local sources of peanut brittle. Feel free to start a new thread on the "General Chowhounding Topics" board, where mail order sources are discussed. Thank you. Carry on.

    1. I'm a big fan of Regina's Candies in St. Paul on St. Clair near Cleveland. (Tell your friend not to leave the store without grabbing some English toffee, too.) Here's a little peanut-brittle porn for you:

      I also like Candyland in downtown St. Paul (they have a couple of stores in downtown Minneapolis as well, but the Wabasha St. store is my local).

      Regina's Fine Candies
      2073 Saint Clair Ave, St Paul, MN

      435 Wabasha St, N St Paul, MN

      27 S 7th St, Minneapolis, MN

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      1. re: mcgeary

        Peanut-brittle porn - I love it! I second the tip on Regina's, although I've never tried the peanut brittle. The English toffee is amazing, as are the coconut clusters.

        There's a Regina's in the suburbs somewhere, too. (Eagan, maybe?)


        1. re: AnneInMpls

          Just checked their website. There's a Regina's on Robert St., in West St. Paul.

      2. Thanks, both of you. It's true what they say about porn; it makes you do bad things. I'm off to St. Clair and Cleveland.

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        1. re: clepro

          Not sure if this is what you want, but there was some amazing cashew brittle being
          sold in the lobby at Mixed Blood Theatre- they had samples out- super buttery, nice
          amount of sweet. It's made locally by a woman who is connected to the theatre. You could call their box office and ask what the name is. And I think it's being sold in this area elsewhere, feel like I saw an ad in City Pages or somewhere like that-it's got her name on it, like 'Kathy's" or something. Sorry for the vagueness. Please report back.

          1. re: faith

            Check out this link:

            I did a little researching, based on the info above, and got the information that led to this site off a Pneumbra Theatre webpage. She is local. The Pneumbra theatre page said that she had been selling it at the Lyndale Ave. Mpls farmer's market. I am wondering if this is the stuff you had at Mixed Blood. If so, you can order it online! Looks delicious, and might be a great gift for the holidays!

            1. re: autmommy

              In today's PiPress, Kathie Jenkins says they carry Thomasina's cashew brittle at Golden Fig on Grand Ave in St. Paul

              She also mentions some peppermint bark made locally, in Savage, that you might pick up while you're there--Sweet Goddess is the brand.


              1. re: autmommy

                Thanks autmommy- that's got to be the stuff I had at Mixed Blood- I recognize
                the woman's photo on her website- so much for my memory- 'Kathy's' sure
                sounds like Thomasina's doesn't it? At least my tastebuds don't forget.

                1. re: faith

                  As dumb luck would have it, I was at the Golden Fig this morning and picked up some of the cashew brittle to send to family back in PA, not remembering it was the same stuff Faith talked about in this thread. Took a little sample for myself and can vouch for the veracity of Faith's review--it's very good, with a mellow, buttery taste and nice snap.

          2. "Local" is a relative term. Depending on where you are and how far you are willing to go, it may be considered local to go to Stillwater. Of course they also will ship items to you. Tremblay's is a family owned small shop that makes candies by hand on big marble tables right in the front window. They have cashew and peanut brittles, fudge, bark, buckeyes and the list goes on and on.

            Tremblay's Sweet Shop
            308 Main Street