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May 23, 2006 12:54 PM

Acme bread at Trader Joe's

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Trader Joe's has a standing order with Acme Bread which they package in Trader Joe's (not Acme) bags.
Don't expect Sourdough wheat or Levain, but they do carry an herb slab and cranberry walnut.


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    Robert Lauriston

    I've heard reports before of Trader Joe's selling Acme bread, but when I looked at the ingredients on the bag, they were not the same.

    Does Acme even make a cranberry-walnut bread?

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      Yes, Acme makes a cranberry-walnut bread.

      1. re: Manda

        ... and in my opinion it's their best bread these days, and indeed almost the only Acme bread that doesn't look tired when you go to the source at the Ferry Building.

        1. re: Carl
          Robert Lauriston

          Much of the Acme bread I buy from the shop in Berkeley is still warm. Doesn't get much less tired than that.

          1. re: Carl

            The bread only looks tired if they don't let the dough rest long enough ;-)

          2. re: Manda

            I think it's called Fred Bread and is one of my favorites, especially toasted with a little Kerrygold Irish butter.

            1. re: Lives to Eat

              "Fred's Bread" is made by Grace Baking. Link below.

              It is delicious.


          3. re: Robert Lauriston

            Acme's cranberry-walnut bread is very good

            I always purchase it from Sunday Mountain View farmers market, direclty from Acme's stand

            once they soldme one with Trader Joe's wrape,
            that is how I learn Acme is also avaliable in Trader Joe.

            but somehow I still feel the one from market taste better than same one purchased from Trader Joe

          4. The Herb Focacia is fantastic and is my wife's favorite bread. Not only does it make a great snadwich but you can slice it and adorn it with your favorite pizza toppings for a quick dinner.

            1. Trader Joe's Organic Italian is Acme's Long Italian.

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              1. re: Nancy Berry

                I think that they label that one as Trader Joe's "ciabata"


                1. re: Nancy Berry

                  Nope, there are a number of different bakeries that bake TJ's "organic" breads. Acme's Long Italian is called Trader Joe "Organic Italian." It's in a white bag with a cellophane window and it has lettering that says Organic stamped all over it. It's not the baguette, but the large Italian bread. And Acme's Herb Slab is called Trader Joe "Herb Foccaccia."

                2. Thanks for reminding me about this. I had heard of this a while back, but it slipped my mind. I wonder how wide their distribution is, but I believe the Santa Cruz TJ's has both the herb foccacia and cranberry walnut (which I have to ask to confirm if made by Acme).

                  I've tried the foccacia and it's pretty good. Will have to try that cranberry walnut. Given TJ's inconsistencies of late, I just hope they keep their bread properly and don't sell stale stuff...

                  1. I was told that the organic breads were La Brea Bakery breads.

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                    1. re: sfpizzalover

                      They do carry the La Brea breads (with organic ingredients) but they are in their La Brea wrappers (as are the Grace Bakery Breads.) For whatever reason, Acme's breads are not in their Acme bags (the way they are at the local grocery stores as well as the Acme bakeries.)