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Nov 16, 2007 03:32 PM

Trendy Gaslamp Dinner

My friend has a guest coming for the weekend from LA. They are both very much into the LA/Hollywood scene. Any ideas on the trendy restaurants in the Gaslamp that would be fun to take them to?

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  1. you should definitely check out's great for food and/or drinks. It's in the Hard Rock Hotel, so you could try Sweetwater after and then maybe go to the Ivy, W, Confidential, Red Circle...

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      As a San Diego resident, I would avoid the Hard Rock Hotel and all its associated restaurants at all, your friends from LA may love it because the staff I encountered is very reminiscent of LA and/or OC "attitude".

      As far as trendy restaurants, they might be better off at Red Pearl (Asian fusion cuisine) and then head over to Stingaree or The Ivy.....if the beach areas are an option, they would probably enjoy Tower 23 in PB or Jack's in La Jolla.

      Avoid the Hard Rock Hotel--at least from my experience.

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        no point taking los angelenos to nobu...we have matsuhisa here, and a nobu in malibu.

      2. Confidential is a good spot...I ate there earlier this year and I was impressed. The sliders are interesting.

        1. Chive or Oceanaire are about as trendy as them come in the Gaslamp.

          1. The Ivy, hands down - is the trendiest spot. The Eden bar at the top is the latest thing. Stingaree and Red Pearl Kitchen are also fun. Neighborhood - a new gourmet burger joint - is a pretty new thing downtown. Might be fun for something more casual. Oceanaire is not exactly trendy, and Chive is not as hip as it once was, though the food is pretty good at both places.

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              Stingaree is probably the most "Hollywood" of places in San Diego.