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Nov 16, 2007 02:58 PM

What Restaurants In Westchester Carry Stone Crabs?

Seems like every year it gets more difficult to find restaurants (especially in Westchester) that serve Florida Stone Crabs. I know Mulinos does once in awhile,
any other places to recommend?

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  1. I know that Eastchester Fish Gourmet has them on their menu. This isn't the most loved place on the board and a lot of what they have is hit or missm but I've had them before and they were pretty good. Not like Joe's down in South Beach, but still from what I remember, they were good.

    1. Not a restaurant, but Turco's has them at $17.99 lb.

      1. Important thing with Stone Crabs up here is that when they travel they are put on ice and sometimes they are buried in so much ice that they go from chilled to frozen. Once a stone crab claw has frozen it's done and you have an expensive, awful dining experience.

        Even down in FL you will find frozen claws because of overicing during season - I've had that at Monty's. And, of course, never order stone crabs in the off season. Joe's is still the best IMO and they close down completely in the off-season. Monty's and many other places will still have them on the menu and visitors who don't know better will pay top dollar and order them.

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          saw them in Grand Central Mkt yesterday fro 21.99 a lb. Looked fresh. Have had good experiences at Monty's. So what exactly IS the season for fresh "stonies"? Have had good ones in the past at Smith and Wollensky and the Palm in Manhattan, although I do not go to S and W's anymore due to the quality decline.

          1. re: steelydad

            I've had good and bad experiences at Monty's. Only good at Joe's so default to there since both are expensive. Also, medium size are only okay - not really enough meat so you need many more to be content, large are better. What size were they selling in Grand Central?

            The season, fortunately for the restaurants in Miami is the winter - when tourism is peaking - Generally it's October-April if I recall correctly. The warmer months are the crabs mating/birthing season so it's illegal to harvest them then. Any restaurant offering them during that time is not offering fresh crab.

          2. re: laylag

            I have given up on buying them up here. Last year I bought them at Citarella, which claims to have very fresh seafood, and they had an amonia like smell to them, they were so bad I threw them out :-(

          3. If you call ahead, Mt. Kisco's Fish Cellar will accommodate you.