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Nov 16, 2007 02:42 PM

Homemade marinated artichoke hearts?

I love the jarred marinated artichoke hearts, but for calorie/price purposes sometimes buy the plain water-packed kind. They never taste as good, though, so I'm wondering:

Does anyone know what spices are in the marinated ones? I'd like to be able to replicate the flavor for some dishes (I know that oil and salt are a given). Thanks!

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  1. My favorite jarred ones have noticeable lemon juice in them.

    1. have you googled the recipe sites? i know they have lots of these recipes.....

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        Maybe I'm searching wrong, but pretty much everything I've found is just a recipe that uses them in something else, not a recipe to actually make them. I found one really simple recipe for marinated hearts, but all it had was vinegar, oil, parsley, and garlic, and the jarred ones seem to have more than that, I think. Maybe I think they're more complex than they actually are?

      2. Alton Brown (once again!) did a show a few years ago all about artichokes and made what looked like a good marinade. Check out the Food Network site.

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              something to be aware of, don't use fresh garlic in the oil marinade if you are not going to eat it pretty much right away -- botulism issue. (see threads on infused oils).