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Nov 16, 2007 02:42 PM

Disney/Old Key West Village/Couples Romantical Dining

My husband and I are going to Disney with the *entire* family in late January. Most of our dinners will be fun/character/whatever, but one night: my husband and I get a romantical dinner all to ourselves.

We'd like someplace nice, and while we'll be dining at the California Grill with the family, we'd like something tasty, intimate and perfect just for two. We're staying in Old Key West Village on Disney property, and aren't looking to go driving around Orlando.

Any suggestions, good folks?

(The ironic part of this question is that I lived in Orlando for 7 years, and never once went to Disney.)

Thanks, folks!

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  1. Citrico's or Narcoosee's

    1. You're not far from the Bluezoo, which is in the Dolphin.

      If you want to see their menu, go to:

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      1. re: cavandre

        Bluezoo has the best food of the bunch, but it's LOUD. You might prefer Victoria & Albert's in the Grand Floridian, or, if you like Continental, The Venetian Room near Disney in the Carib Royale. Cala Bella, an Italian place in the World Marriott, is also very good. And the new place in the Villas of Grand Cypress is supposed to be good.

        1. re: rudykins

          Thanks for the tips everyone! I'm going to check out the deets and make my reservation.

          1. re: skat

            I hear that you can request the chef's table at Victoria and Alberts - which is supposed to be an amazing experience.