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Nov 16, 2007 02:11 PM

Buffet King, Manchester NH?? Anygood?

One year we took our employees to a different chinese buffet and they are still talking about it (loved it) - when we really would rather take them for the holidays to a sit down, waitress type place. But........... if this is their cup of tea, we want to at least take them to the best in town. Does anyone know the best chinese buffet in Manch Vegas and good ambiance where a small group 8-10 can relax for a few hours/play yankee swap/give out employee bonuses/etc.?

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  1. It is not the Buffet King anymore, it is called "Great Buffet" and it really is GREAT! I could not believe it either because most buffets are same old same old boring offering with the hurry up and get out attitude most places give you. Lex, They have sushi (and he will make to order whatever you want) and a grill with offerings such as steak, chicken, scallops, shrimp and pork! They have frogs legs, octopus, turkey breast for carving, prime rib, and ham as well as oysters, clams and crab legs in the salad bar.

    Trust me it blows the roof off the old Buffet King. (still located on So. WIllow St, across from the Mall of NH)

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      Awesome! Thanks - I think I'll go scope it out one day next week to see if there's a nice big table in the corner where we can get a little privacy. I tried a couple function halls but they all want a min. of 25-40 people - nothing nice and small for a little group. Sounds like we better bring a great appetite too. Thanks

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        weird... I posted a reply last night and it vanished ... odd.

        anyways, I hope you are going to make it for a Sunday or an evening event because the "dinner buffet" is where they offer the best offerings.
        But lunch is still really good to, and for the price you will not find a better place to have an event.

        make sure you tell them you were given a reference to them online, I know the manager would love to know he made an impression on people. They are very nice people which in the buffet industry is hard to come by,.

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          Are there a lot of healthy choices here?

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            yes they have a full salad bar, sushi bar, mongolian grill with a ton of fresh raw veggies, grilled salmon, grilled chicken, mixed steamed veggies mixed seafood delight, fruit, white steamed rice,

            I did a google search and found they had a website. while crude it is still informative.


      2. re: gryphonskeeper

        are they part of a large chain
        we have a few in mass under the the buffet king name too
        also i would like to say I LIKE the buffets too but they are a mixed bag of good and bad foods ie: i have never ever had a dessert that was any good at any of them

        1. re: foodperv

          They must all by those lousy pastries from the same place. They seem identicaly bad wherever you have them. At Hudson Super Buffet they have great ginger ice cream with lots of candied ginger bits in it. Other then that i skip the desserts

      3. I just stopped by tonight, nice place, loved the selections, very nice people. They'll give me the big room - unless a bigger party needs it, then they'll put me in a corner (very accommodating considering I'm only a party of of 8). Quite the lay out of food, even raw oysters, although I'm not sure I would try that unless I knew where they got them from - they looked good though. You can have them stir fry a dish for you too. I can't wait - I think my employees will love this. What's nice is - there is so much, it covers everyone's tastes. And we'de rather spend the money on their bonus then on the dinner and this keeps our costs down - $9.99 all u can eat. Can't beat that.

        1. We stopped by Great Buffet a few nights ago as we were in the area and starving. I remembered this post from that days search and gave it a gamble. Great food for a buffet. Everything was fresh and the managers were very nice.

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            yes, the managers are very polite and will bend over backwards for you. I asked once for something for the sushi bar that was not put out that day but I had seen in the past, he went back into the kitchen and brought it out for my daughter (who was the one looking for it)

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              We stopped at the buffet on Saturday when we happened to be in Manchester. It was a bit out of the way for us and meant we had to skip our favorite Chinese restaurant up by the stadium but we both enjoyed it. My husband was reluctant to have a stir fry done for him but I thought that was the best part of the buffet. He thought the egg foo yung was great, as did I. I liked the selection of steamed dim sum, esp the red bean buns. We were surprised by the large variety of items esp since the place was almost empty on a Saturday noon. If you're looking for the "duck" sauce, it's on the fresh salad bar with the salad dressings. This was probably the best buffet we've been too. Would definitely go again if we're in the area. I would skip the spring rolls, however, which were mostly cabbage, and my husband said the fried rice was pretty bland. The stir fry to order was great. Two of us for lunch was about $15. Higher price for dinner.

            2. I went there tonight and it was awesome! The grilled salmon was great and I was pleased with the quality of the suisi. Can't wait to return!