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Breakfast in Seattle/Bellevue

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My husband and I are getting a rare night away from the kids and hoping to find a great breakfast spot. We are staying in Bellevue, but are willing to drive into Seattle for something exceptional. Specifically we are looking for food that is not your standard bacon and eggs. Good coffee is also important. I am not thinking of the mass produced stuff. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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  1. Hi,
    I haven't had breakfeast at this place but it is certainly a great restaurant where everything is at a certain level of quality. I am sure it is delicious. It's in the hyatt in Bellevue http://www.08seafoodgrill.com/process...

    Savvy savorer

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      I find this place soooo inconsistent! Some days its awesome service and horrible food (dry duck confit, overcooked steak), and other times the food is amazing and the servers ignore you completely. I would never go here again, the chef supposedly has some serious problems with consistency in the past, why he was let go of his last job. I had high hopes from the menu, but delivery is a no.
      For breakfast Etta's is awesome, if you want a quality brunch I love Palisade. They do a really cool part buffet/part a la carte where for one price you get an entree and then the buffet is salads, pasta salad, pastries, fruits, veggies, lox salmon, oysters and pancakes. Yes I said oyster buffet, and they are good to at a top seafood restaurant, can't beat the view either!

    2. The Olympic Four Seasons used to have a very elegant Brunch, but they are now the Fairmont, so I don't know what they offer.

      Etta's has a great brunch and nice view by the market

      1. Campagne by the market is a great high end French inspired brunch. Madison Park Cafe is another great unique brunch spot IMO.

        1. What about Sitka and Spruce?

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              I'm a big fan of Le Fournil http://www.le-fournil.com/
              They have a great breakfast special: $2.99 for a latte or americano and a croissant of your choice. They're a great French bakery with fair prices. They also have a really nice lunch special and morning special [egg, ham, cheese on a toasted croissant with latte or americano]

            2. There is a terrific crepe place in Pike Place Market. It is kitty corner from the dried fruit stand (right near where they throw the fish) and I *think* it's called Crepe des Paris or something like that. My boyfriend and I used to go there all the time when it was in it's old location (by the mini donut stand) and I just re-discovered it a few weekends ago. Oh my...their crepes are so fantastic and both times we've been there the ingredients have been cut fresh before being added in. The only downside is that it is tiny and there isn't much seating so if you get there and it's full there might be a bit of a wait. It's not super fancy or luxurious, but it's so delicious and it gives my boyfriend a break from crepe-making (my favorite breakfast and he's the one who knows how to make them) so it makes him happy.

              My favorite is the strawberry crepe...the vanilla cream inside is to die for!

              1. Macrina Bakery serves breakfast on the weekends, be prepared to wait for a seat but once you are seated the service is pretty quick and the food is awesome.
                Peso's in Queen Ann is also amazing if you like Huevos Rancheros and several different styles of Benedict including crab, I recommend the shrimp and grits.
                Cyclops also has a great breakfast right across the street from Macrina and where I often end up if I can't tolerate the wait at Macrina.
                All three places have great coffee and Peso's has plenty of Bloody Marys and Mimosas if you're up for a little hair of the dog.

                1. in Bellevue, I like gilbert's on main..

                  1. I really like brief encounters in Bellevue on Bellevue way. It's tucked away behind the chevron gas station near 24th street. It's not a fancy place but the food is hearty and delicious.

                    1. I like Manzana in Lincoln Square in Bellevue. They have a delicious huevos rancheros and a large, diverse breakfast menu with good coffee.

                      1. I like Rave on Capitol Hill. Usually go for the duck omelet and the brioche on the side. For something downhome but not greasy, I go to Issaquah cafe for omelets or Swedish pancakes.

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