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Nov 16, 2007 01:41 PM

Funky, cool lunch spots in Worcester?

I might be going out on a limb here...just haven't been to Worcester in years. I am meeting 2 old friends for lunch in Worcester on the day before Thanksgiving. We don't live in the area but are staying with parents who do. No chains, please! All ethnic varieties of food are options. We are all veterans of the restaurant industry & are food adventurous. Something cozy, clean and moderately priced. Thanks!

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  1. The Sole Proprietor is a safe choice. I have had good luck at the flying rhino as well.

    1. The people who own Sole also own the 111 Chophouse (pretty hip for Worcester, everything from sushi to steak) AND they just opened Via, which I heard is good, not having been there myself.

      1. I would recommend One Love Cafe for excellent homey Jamaican food, although it is located on Main South near Clark University. That area is not quite as safe as Shrewsbury St, where there are loads of options for eating, but maybe not so much ethnic variety. I suggest searching the New England Board for better Worcester recs than you'll probably get on the Boston board.

        1. Sahara on Highland and El Basha, 2 locations for ME. Zipango, Baba or Haiku for Japanese/Sushi, all quite good.Bocado for Tapas, if open for lunch. Second One Love. Tough hood. I don't think the Chop House or Via open for lunch.

          1. Great ethnic/adventurous options for lunch in Worcester:
            Framinghound hit it with One Love Cafe. Fabulous Jamaican food, cozy, and friendly. Don't worry too much about the neighborhood at lunch time.
            Da Lat for Vietnamese on Park Ave.
            Baba Sushi on Park for Japanese.

            Or, for a real old Worcester manufacturing town experience straight out of a Zippy cartoon, I can think of three options.
            George's Coney Island for hot dogs, the Wonderbar for pizza, or the Boulevard Diner.

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              Yes to Coney Island and Baba Sushi FOR SURE