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Nov 16, 2007 01:39 PM

Punjab Dhaba Sweets

I'm a fan of Punjab Dhaba in Loehmann's on Arlington Blvd/rte 50 in Arlington. We stopped there the other night for dinner (as good as ever). They've taken out the ice cream counter and added a large number of sweets by the pound.

Now, I'm not much of a sweets eater. I never have dessert in a restaurant and very rarely make them, even for guests. At a potluck dinner or party, I'll skip them entirely. However, I do like to try sweets from other cuisines now and then. And so I brought home a couple Monday evening and forgot them in the fridge until late last night when we came home hungry after the theater. They were fantastic with a late night cup of tea. I can't imagine how good they would have been a few days fresher. I do not know the names, but the two that I tried were both pretty sweet. One was a white rectangle with pistachios and seemed to me to have a milk or cheese base. I believe there was a similar one with a different nut perhaps. The other was a toast-colored square and was a bit crumbly in texture, but not from nuts or a dough like kadaif. I would say that there was butter and some wheat in it. The owner recommended this one.

These sweets could convert me. Now I'm eager to try some of the others. I can even see stopping in just to have one. Or two. And bringing a few home.

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  1. thanks for the heads up. The only other Indian place I know with a sweets assortment like that is Udupi Palace in Takoma Park but if you drive there for the buffet or dinner, you're not in the mood for decadent sweets afterwards. I drive by Punjab Dhaba frequently and like the idea of dropping in for a sweet morsel for consumption later.

    A non-Indian place with a sweets assortment that I've been meaning to hit again is in the strip mall shared by Lucky 3 on Route 7, Falls Church. They have a sweets cafe connected to a kebab restaurant.

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      When it was under the name of Samadi Sweets, we stopped in once in a while. However, it was typically only for felafel. Middle Eastern sweets tend to be way too sweet for me.

      Another place in that neighborhood that has a good selection of sweets is Jerusalem, in another strip between there and Columbia Pike. I believe it changed hands a year or so ago, so I don't know whether the sweets counter is still there. We found that our favorites (felafel and fatoosh) weren't as good anymore, so we concentrate mostly on Lebanese Butcher for Middle Eastern food. Warning, though: it doesn't have a good sweet selection in the store side of the operation. But the food is damn good.

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        You could also try Aabshaar in Springfield. They're a South Asian restaurant (Pakistani or Muslim Indian, I believe) and party hall. They've got a pretty good sized sweets counter. The food's not bad... inexpensive, with a buffet. The food's halal, and the quality varies but usually pleases. Location: 6550 Backlick Rd, Springfield, VA 22150.

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          Aabshar and Shiney's are actually owned by the same owners. (Pakistani). Their food is usually pretty good. I have been to parties where Aabshar had catered and was pleased. Aabshar is nicer than Shiney's but I think the food in both places is pretty much the same. If you can do spicy try the Chapli Kabobs- but be warned they are very spicy!

      2. One may have been soan papdi. This brand is available locally and quite good also.

        1. If you like mithai (those are the by pound desserts)- do go to Shiney's sweets in Annandale, not too far from loemanns. It is certainly nothing fancy, but they specialize in mithai. All their other foor is very good as well. Tell us what you think when you go!

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            Thanks for the reminder about this place. We were there for lunch (very good) quite a while back. My immediate sense is that the selection of sweets at Punjab Dhaba is better. But that may be because as I recall, we were so full that, as the poster above said, we weren't quite in the mood.

          2. Barfi is probably what you had. it is fudge....

            get hungry:

            you van use this as a quick tutorial to identify some indian sweets: