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Campanile Brussel Sprouts - YUM

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Help. Does anyone have the recipe for the braised brussel sprouts that they serve at Campanile on La Brea? They are my favorite and would like to make them for Thanksgiving. I can't find one online. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I don't, but I can share my favorite method. It is the only way our family will have them now.

    Cut each sprout in 1/2, steam for a few minutes just to soften slightly.
    Heat a saute pan with some butter & olive oil, add the sprouts cut side down.
    You want them to get some good color. The last 2 minutes, add a sprinkle of sugar
    which will give them an even better caramelized color. Be sure to move them around at this point. Season w/ S&P. Done!

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      Did they also have a balsamic glaze?
      If so, just hit them with a splash of vinegar right before removing them from the pan.
      I'm hungry just thinking about it...

    2. They are not in the Campanile Cookbook, unfortunately. Here is a great Suzanne Goin Sprout recipe, which I am going to make (I've made it before, it is excellent). Check it out, it might be similar.


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        Thanks, I will try this. Suzanne worked at Campanile before opening Lucqes. Maybe this was the recipe she used. At least I will get close. Thank you so much!!