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Nov 16, 2007 01:05 PM

Feedback Please for King's Restaurant in Fridley Minnesota and others in Twin Cities

saw an ad for their seafood pancakes-- critic Dara of city pages calls them "a quiche of ocean". has anyone tried them??

ALSO: am looking for feedback on these eateries: Peninsula Malaysian Cuisine on EAT STREET in Minneapolis

Bombay Bistro on Marquette Ave downtown

Vinh Loi Vietnamese on EAT STREET


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  1. One word on the pancake: YUM! The haemul pajeon is delicious - although it has octopus and/or squid in it which may turn some folks off. It's also gigantic. It's listed as an appetizer but would be more than a full meal for most people. My wife and I usually split that and an entree and are stuffed. Each time we go to King's I'm tempted to try the kimchi pancake instead, but we haven't yet.

    Of the Korean places I've tried in the Twin Cities, Kings has the best food so far. Have not been to Hoban or Mirror of Korea though.

    I'm a fan of Peninsula although I think it can be hit or miss with their menu. I like the achat, the hot pots (especially the curry vegetable hot pot) and the spicy and salted golden tofu. (A note on the tofu - it is much better hot in the restaurant than after take out.) I've liked the seafood chow fun and the char kway teow less.

    Bombay Bistro has a nice lunch buffet that I've been to once or twice. It's very busy sometimes so you may have a wait. The upside though is that the food is not sitting around in a steam table.

    Haven't tried Vinh Loi or Satay to Go.

      1. re: KTFoley

        You can also search using the places links (or the places search):

        Bombay Bistro
        820 Marquette Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55402

        Kings Restaurant
        1051 Moore Lake Dr E, Minneapolis, MN 55432

        Satay 2 Go
        6670 150th St W, Saint Paul, MN 55124

        Peninsula Malaysian Cuisine
        2608 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55408

      2. Satay to Go is truly a hidden gem! Having visited both Malaysia and Singapore we have a great love for Hawker food and Satay delivers. The Roti Canai (an Indian bread) is excellent. The Laksa soup (a coconut curry soup with noodles, meat, tofu, and some vegetables) is very flavorful. Both the Singapore Rice Noodles and Chow Fun are cooked to perfection and spiced nicely. On special request they will bring out a Thai Chili Vinegar add-on (this really kicks up the dish). They offer a nice selection of Asian beverages including tropical fruit drinks and a highly recommended Soursop beverage (Soursop is a fruit with a pineapple/citrus flavor). They also have an Asian bakery serving BBQ Buns and our favorite, the Coconut Raisin Bread.

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          MarkG - Honestly, I prefer Mirror of Korea, as a Korean-American. However, my Korean-American co-worker prefers King's. Here are some things to consider. If you want to try King's - I'd suggest going to their lunch buffet-this way, you can try many Korean things for a decent price (someone told me it was $12.95, someone else told me it was $16.95) so I'm not quite sure. Also, during lunch time -you cannot get any sushi from King's. My one (and ONLY time...will never go back), the place had several Koreans in it. However, I've been at Mirror of Korea a bazillion times and Yummy near Dinkytown by the U of M several times and they both have tons of Koreans too (usually know then that it's a place worth checking out). King's has karaoke which seems to be a popular draw...but having driven out to Fridley to get this "awesome" Korean food- I was very disappointed. Their food was more expensive and while the portion size is bigger at King's then at Mirror of Korea - 3/4 of my pork bulgogi (I went with someone who hadn't had Korean food so I wanted to stick to some basics), it was mainly grisly and fatty - and that is disgusting no matter where you go. I also thought the spicing of the food was much different than most traditional Korean foods -which incorporates red pepper paste and has a quick hot flavor on the tongue and then sort of lingers and then dies off -I can't really explain what my flavoring of the few bites of pork bulgogi was - it was spicy but in a much different way. It was greasy and I was very putoff by it. Additionally, $16.95 was a bit high for me - as there was no decrease for a lunch price or anything like that. I'm very used to having korean radish as a side dish - and I didn't get that - and I only got 3 side dishes at King's versus 5 at Mirror. While King's has more room and more decor (Mirror is no frills), the food itself is better. It's a mom and pop restaurant and the one woman who takes orders is not mean, but not overly friendly either.

          My dining friend ordered spicy stir fried squid and said it was okay. A lot more end pieces than middle meaty pieces....and the vegetable to squid ratio was quite small for the price.

          The other thing I really disliked about King's is that mandu (Korean dumplings) could only be ordered in sets of 10. That just seems ridiculous and is taking "American sized portions" to a new level. At Mirror (and many other places that i have eaten - Sole (when it was open)), Yummy, etc) they come in 3-5 piece groupings.

          The service was okay, but the food itself, after having a few cocktails and a few bites of food - was over $70.00 at 2:30 in the afternoon - almost $50.00 of that was for food. I have no problem blowing that at a time - but for the food that was poor, I would never return. I know a lot of people have had good experiences at King's -but I was extremely extremely disappointed.

          1. re: snoboardbabe77

            Thanks for the good word about Mirror of Korea and Yummy, snoboardbabe. I seem to remember that you really like Mirror but didn't know about Yummy.

            My experiences at Kings have been better than yours and it's about as far away from Uptown (where I live) as Mirror is. We've always been very happy with the flavoring of the meal but we probably have less of an ability to tell how "authentic" the taste is.

            When we were there last month we had at least 5 or 6 types of panchan with our meal. (Also, our kids split the mandu as part of their dinner so I've never really thought about the size of their portions. You're right about the sizing though - generally ginormous.)

            We'll have to make our way over to Mirror sometime.

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              Off topic, but I noticed a new Korean place was opening on that stretch of Snelling last time I drove it (maybe three weeks ago or so). Maybe worth checking out if you really love Korean food or are feeling like a pioneer.

              1. re: MSPD

                Thanks for the tip. I'll see if i can find it.

          2. re: MSP Foodies

            The bakery at Satay 2 Go is not to be missed. The small pastries stuffed with chicken curry were tremendous and they travel and can be reheated in a toaster oven (or a regular oven). Do not re-heat bread or pastry in a microwave unless you really dig the rubbery texture it imparts.

            I love Satay 2 Go. It's the best food I've ever had in a suburb of MSP.

            And don't forget the satay. It is sooo tender and actually tastes like it's been grilled over a fire. It makes all the other satay at local Thai restaurants hang its head in shame and slouch sadly out the door with its' stick between it's legs.

          3. If Korean Food is your thang, try Dong Yang.

            Sorry, could not resist.

            1. I'm looking for homestyle Korean with some heat to it.

              I was spoiled by Fu Yuang in Albuquerque, where Mom, her daughter, and the daughter's Anglo husband run the place. Their spicy pork is wonderful, but the hot Korean chile just might set Midwesterners on fire.

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                MSPD - Yes, there is a new Korean restaurant called Sushi World I believe. It has taken the space of the old Sole restaurant - and they seem to be a combination restaurant of Korean and go figure, sushi. They offer a lunch buffet (have yet to make it) for $9.95, which seems to be a good deal. I drive past there quite often and the place looks busy (I see Korean or other asian faces in the window - so as I said before, that tends to be a good sign)'s the next place I am going to dine at - we'll see if Mirror has some competition. I know I've been harsh about King's -I feel the same way about King's as I do about Mai Village (not a fan), but maybe I need to suck it up and drive back once more to confirm whether or not I am truly disappointed or went on a bad day. I usually give restaurants 3 strikes before I never go back but I can honestly say -taste wise, it'd take some convincing to go back.