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Nov 16, 2007 01:01 PM

Thom's Market on Barton Springs

I am so excited this is in my neighborhood!!!

It's a little grocer stop similar to Farm2Market and P&K... reasonably priced gourmet items in a local setting. A really well thought out beer selection, plenty of great wine, herbs, amy's frozen products, sprouted grain bread, pita chips, ready to throw in a pot gourmet soup mixes, selections of artisan chocolate, cento tomatoes, farm fresh eggs, ect. LOTS of local products with an emphasis towards pleasing the kind of people who... well.... post on chowhound! I have been looking forward to this opening and am very pleased. Just wanted to get the word out to the chowhounders... I don't want to see this place go down ANYTIME soon!

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  1. Haven't been there very frequently but they also have a pretty nice beer selection and their prices are ok.

    1. Do they have a prepared foods section? Is this someplace one could have a nice lunch (sandwich etc.)?