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Nov 16, 2007 12:54 PM

Good Italian Deli and Bakery in Nassau

Any favorites?

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  1. There are two places I like to go when in need of an Italian bakery. You can go to Dortoni's on the corner of Gardiners Avenue and Hempstead Tpke, they have amazing cakes, works of art or even locally Iavarone Brothers has an excellent bakery as well.

    When you say Deli, exactly what are you looking for? Iavarone also has amazing foods, take a look; or you can try Primavera on Hicksville Road, there are really many of these to choose from. A&S Pork store on Broadway in Massapequa is another. Good Luck.

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      Razzano's Glen Cove imported items both fresh and shelved,Johns Farms Plainview imported items including the fish,cheese salumi (website)Fairway Plainview(website) cheeses,salumi,olives, pasta. A&A Bethpage, Italian family owned imports from Italy and Greece.Uncle Giusepe (website) there are quite a few and you'll here Italian spoken by the customers as well as the sales people

      1. re: scunge

        where is A&A in Bethpage? The closest item I could find was Two C's Deli

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          A&A ...south of Hempstead Tpke on Hicksville road (107) next to a beverage market on the right side of the road They may or may not have the old name up too which was Mini Mart or something like that anyway their # 7352000.........went to Fairway today they were making fresh mozzarella,it was terrific so I bought some smoked and their store baked ciabotta.They give free tastes of olive oil with the same bread.In addition I bought a hunk of parmigiano I believe its domestic but plenty good none the less

    2. Ramona Lee in Franklin Square, beware of the lines out the door during the holidays

      1. For "deli," Maria's on Hempstead Turnpike in Franklin Square. Authentic Sicilian. They have great arancini, eggplant rollatini, sauteed broccoli rabe, potato croquettes and so on, as well as meats, cheeses, and all sorts of other southern Italian specialties.

        1. I second Maria's on H-stead Tpk in Franklin Square-ish.

          Great sausage, mozzarella, rice balls, olives, salads, etc. Fairly priced too.

          And it's close to GC.

          It's on a corner on the right, heading west just before NHP Road.

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          1. re: JGS

            Thanks to all. I figured FS was a good bet...seen a couple of places, didn't know good or bad. I'll take a look. I guess Uncle Giuseppe's in close, too.

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              I second Razzannos in Glen Cove--I visit weekly!

              1. re: abu applesauce

                Is Razzannos in Glen Cove the same as the Razzannos that used to be in Port Washington/Manorhaven? I still miss their salads (the chickpea was too die for and such great eggplant parm! I would make the trip to Glen Cove for it...

                1. re: kavikat

                  I'm new to the area so I don't know. I can ask next time I'm there. If the old place served the "Roma"--a hero with imported proscioutto, fresh mozz, roasted eggplant and peppers, oil and vinegar, which you would sell your soul to the devil for and be confident that you received the better end of the deal; then it's the same place.

                  1. re: kavikat

                    They are relatives of the owners of the place in Manorhaven that closed after a flood.