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The Coffee Mill - pretty tasty

Hi All,
Was just downtown this week, and went to lunch at the Coffee Mill on Yorkville Ave. I was pleasantly surprised. The decor is old, the clientele is old, plates are CLEARLY out of the 1970's or 1980's but this is a great family run place with a hungarian menu. As it was a bit nippy outside, we both ordered the Hungarian Goulash. I have never actually had goulash before so I have no point of reference but I really did enjoy it. As the menu said, it was definetly enough for a meal. It had lots of potatoes, carrots, chunks of meat and dumplings in a very flavourful broth. And it was simply served with some buttered hungarian bread. Very satisfying. For dessert, we decided on the apple strudel, which was made with phyllo as opposed to pastry and that was tasty as well. The people next to us ordered the special meatloaf in spinach sauce with mashed potatoes, and she hoovered that back so I assume she liked it....it did look good. And the guy with her ordered a schnitzel that was HUGE, and came with spaetzle and all manner of veg, and I overheard him say that it was really really good. I would definelty go back for lunch to try out some of their other offering and more of their homemade desserts!
Has anyone been?

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  1. One of my fav restos in town. It has a very interesting history. Most of the 56ers hang out there. So you feel like you are stepping back in time which is a rarity in this city.

    Solid Hungarian style fare-just great simple comfort food.

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      Coffee Mill
      99 Yorkville, Toronto, ON M5R3K5, CA

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        I just saw a review on this place, but can't recall where I read it. I've never been and too be honest I just assumed it had long gone. Anyways after I read the review I made a mental note to check it out. It sounds really good. Another spot I've heard many speak highly about it is Country Style which has also been around forever.

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          Coffee Mill and Country Style are completely different kinds of places.

          Go to Coffee Mill for more sophisticated fare and ambience where you enjoy a Viennese type cafe experience. Country Style is more of hearty goulash kind of place where you get monster schnitzel overhanging your plate.

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            You owe it to yourself to try COUNTRY STYLE!

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              Country Style is hit and miss. I have had old food served to me.

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        Not many Uprising types have the strength to hobble into restos--do the math. These were getting thinned out in the 80s when Bloor west of Spadina was "Weiner Schnitzel Row." The Hungarian joints then were largely funded by students who most proprietors welcomed, even catered to, in their restos. Country Style always seemed to fork over a bit more to the frau and me when we were half-starved grad students. Friendly, generous joints I remember fondly.

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          Thanks Kagemusha, I know how to count.

          Maybe you should check out the Coffee Mill to see exactly who "hobbles" in there. Many of the customers are in the respectable ages of between 75-85 years old. As the original post states "the clientele is old".

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          Prices were very very very reasonable. I believe my bowl of goulash was $6.95 or around that. It also comes in a smaller portion that you can order as a starter. I can't recall the price of the apple strudel, but the whole meal for 2 people before tip was $24.00 with tax. We had coffee and tea as our beverages as it was cold outside.

        2. It's a Bloor Street icon. Better enjoy it while it's still there. It's unique to Toronto.

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            Country Style
            450 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S1X8, CA

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              The Coffee Mill is a Yorkville tradition...wonderful hungarian- style food with good portions...I love their daily soup and open faced egg/tuna sandwiches...also the Goulash is delicious as are their soups..and their scnitzel is amazing.....priced right ...good value...yummie food...Miranda

            2. I went with a friend and though our waitress was nice what's with the old lady who is seating people and runs around the place screaming at everyone? I assume she is the owner because no one would tolerate such a rude employee. During our meal I saw her yelling at the waitresses, the bartender, heard her screaming in the kitchen and even at a customer when he asked where the washroom was, (they don't have one in the restaurant itself, you have to go into the mall area.). I don't go to restaurants to listen to yelling so her behaviour ruined the experience for me. I wouldn't go back.

              1. I've been to The Coffee Mill a number of times and appreciate it for Hungarian food (which is not my preferred cuisine): the history, the preserved in time kind of feel, the schnitzel is really good (didn't order it myself but have tasted the SO's!), goulash is nice too. Service has always been low-key and courteous when I've been there - I've never experienced the yelling mentioned in Canela's post, maybe that was an isolated moment?

                Basically, I'm not a huge fan of Hungarian food (it's a bit heavy for me, not many vegetable-focussed options) and I'd normally opt for some other cuisine over a Hungarian resto, but there's something about the Coffee Mill, its classic food, great prices and its history that I'm always happy to go if someone suggests it.

                1. Finally made it to The Coffee Mill and had a really fantastic meal and experience. Great staff, warm, inviting homey atmosphere. Really chill. Delish schnitzel and food.
                  Liked it so much went back the next day.

                  Can't believe it took me so long to visit. Quintessential under the radar gem. Will definitely be back.

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                    Their name always throws me off but now I too will get there soon! Thanks

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                      I know! A Hungarian restaurant named The Coffee Mill. In Yorkville no less. Not even visible from the street! No wonder it's under the radar.

                      If more foodies knew about it though, I'm sure they'd go and enjoy themselves.

                      They seem to do pretty well with their regulars in any case. This is their 50th year in business! Still run by the same woman who opened it I believe.

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                        Next time you go, ask about any dessert specials. They used to have this old lady that made them cakes regularly. My favourite was a chocolate banana bundt cake that was this perfectly moist and fudgy old-fashioned chocolate cake. I liked it so much that I would always get a slice to eat there, and a slice to go.

                        And if you order goulash here, it's important to know that it's the traditional definition of goulash -- which is a brothy soup, not a thick stew.

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                          Ok, good to know thanks :-)

                          I did see that banana chocolate cake. It looked great. So it's good that you've confirmed that. I will get that next time I visit for sure. I had their apple strudel and strawberry/rhubarb torte and they were both delish.

                          They offer a good variety of housemade desserts that looked great.

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                            I love that cake and their potato salad. Also love how consistent they've been in the last 20 years since I've been going.

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                              20 years! Man I've been missing out. Looks like I have some time to catch up on here. :)