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Nov 16, 2007 12:38 PM

Frustrated former DC chick now in Canton

I used to live in Arlington and have been in Canton for a few months now. I am starting to miss all my old NOVA and DC resturaunts. I have found some good places here, but I just not satisfied yet. I am looking for some more good resturaunts in Canton, Fells, harbor east, ect.. I know there are a lot of good places in Fed Hill, but I want someplace I can walk to. I just feel like I keep eating the same bar food over and over and over. Here are the places I have liked so far, just so you know where I have been.

Bartenders pizza
Chiu's Sushi (love it but it is a bit pricey for all the time sushi)
John Stevens LTD
Claddagh Pub

Any new suggestions would make my day! I am not too afraid to try anything once!

Also where I can get an awesome carry out sandwhich. I seriously miss Lost Dog Cafe :(.


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  1. You're not far from Patterson Park, home to Salt and Three. Both would get you out of bar-food territory.

    And of course there's Matthew's Pizza.

    Mezze in Fells Point is worth a try. But I'm drawing a blank on the carry out sandwich right now.

    1. Peter's Inn is the best restaurant in the area (in my opinion). When you first walk in you'll think you're in the wrong place, but the food is outrageous (and not super expensive - $25 for a steak is about the most expensive thing on the menu).

      Make sure you try the mango-chipotle wings at Gecko's! To die for.

      1. For a really AWESOME carry out sandwich......I suggest Attman's Deli on Lombard St.....It's a Baltimore institution for about 100 years......nothing even remotely like it in DC.

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          Yeah, we went to Attman's 2 weeks ago and I did think it was amazing. Not exactly the type of sandwich place I am looking for. Lost Dog is more like a really creative sandwich place, rather than a deli. The only thing that I found so far kind of similar was dogwood deli in hampden, but the menu was a bit limited. Lost Dog has over 50 types of sandwiches. I might just have to give up and adapt on this one :). And then make sure next time I head down to go there.

        2. Run, don't walk, to Helen's (three doors down from Claddagh) and go to the BAR, not the dining room, when there is half-price wine. Then order from the food menu and start talking to whomever is around. My wife and I go there about every third Sunday, when Tim is the bartender and the kitchen has awesome specials.

          Jack's Bistro (I'm sure you've seen posts on this) two blocks south of the square on Elliott Street is also outstanding. But Helen's is our favorite.

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            Greektown with the legendary Samos and Zorba's is farther than a walk but pretty darn good.

            1. re: jkosnett

              Yeah my cousin mentioned Helens. I really do want to go there, I just haven't had the chance yet. Now I know to eat at the bar :) thanks!

              I'll have to try Jacks also.

              1. re: jkosnett

                I can't stand Helen's but I've tried just about everything on the menu at Jack's and love it all.

              2. Jacks Bistro(3123 Elliot St.) as was pointed out is absolutely wonderful. They have happy hour from 5-7 as well as from 11-1, where you have $2 off all beers, wines, and specialty drinks, as well as appetizers. Colby and Jamie are great bartenders..

                In addition, you've should check out Salt(2127 E. Pratt) as was suggested. My good friend Cole is the head bartender. Stop in, say hello and have him make you one of his fantastic cocktails. Also Mezze(1606 Thames St.) as suggested is a wonderful small plate place.

                Try out Blue Moon Café on weekends, it is a fantastic spot for brunch/lunch(they get slammed often though, so be advised)

                If you're willing to walk to Harbor East, they you should have no problem heading to Il Scalino(313 S. High Street) or Attman's(1019 E. Lombard) for a sandwich. They're deli's and both have a great selection of product. Also Duda's Tavern(1600 Thames St.) in Fells is a nice place to stop off for a bite.

                In addition if you haven't been, you should head in to Chesapeake Wine(2400 Boston St.) sometime. Absolutely wonderful by the glass wine selection, also serving as a liquor/wine/etc carry out shop. Karen and the staff are great. You'll like it.

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                  Ditto on Chesapeake Wine. They also have some fun small plates, and I love their taleggio/truffle oil pizza.

                  1. re: sylsyrf

                    I haven't been to Chesapeake yet because I wasn't quire sure what it is. Thanks for the info and all the suggestions!