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Nov 16, 2007 12:32 PM

Favorite Soup?

Now that the weather is cooling down a bit, does anyone have a favorite soup or recipe?

I love the Jalapeno Corn Chowder at Gruene River Grill.

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  1. Hi - For recipes, please post on the Home Cooking board.


    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Favorite Soup - Kimchi Jigae at either 'Korean Restaurant' - a small cafe inside the Korean market on the west side of Lamar & Airport - or at the cafe inside of 'New Oriental Market' which, strangely, is just a block south on Airport.

        Spicy kimchi broth, onions, peppers, chunks of pork, tofu. Served boiling hot with a bowl of sticky sushi rice.

        Least favorite soup - the Hot & Sour Soup at Kim Phung. Someone here posted about how they get cravings for the sweet orange version that Kim Phung makes. I made the mistake of ordering it. It just sucks. It's not spicy, and it isn't sour. And it was overly thick. Decent crash-diet food, I suppose.

        Now - someone here post about some good chili places, or I'm quitting this board.

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          I started a chili thread awhile back, but it didn't really go anywhere:

          Try the soups at Baker Man's Bakery during lunch hour. I've had the ham and lentil, tomato and smoked red pepper, and broccoli cheese. All fantastic.

        2. My favorite soup in town is NS 14 from Madam Mam's. it has beef and fish balls and imitation crab and sometime it is so spicy that it is hard to finish.

          On the opposite end of the spectrum I love the creamy soups from New World Deli especially the clam chowder and the cream of Spinach.

          Also you can find me at Whole Foods at least once a week in their seafood soup section. My favorite is the salmon and corn chowder but they also have a lobster bisque and some others that are really good.

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          1. re: lazysmurf

            I also enjoy Whole Food's seafood soups. The parmesan crab bisque, smoked salmon and corn chowder, and cioppino are all great.

            1. re: Royale

              Really ? I always swing by to take a peek, and while they smell and look pretty decent, the seafood itself is usually quite pathetic. Scant in quantity, generally kind of rubbery, probably due to sitting in a hot bath for hours.

              The salmon chowder did look like the best bet, though.

              1. re: Nab

                if you ask at the fish counter they will give you a little sample cup and you can try them all.

          2. I love the matzo ball soup at MannyHattan's. And the tomato basil soup at LaMadeline.