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Nov 16, 2007 12:19 PM

Pairings: Sherry Crema Catalana

I'm brining a Sherry Crema Catalana, made with amontillado, to a Spanish-themed party this weekend and need to bring a Spanish desert wine or spirit to go with it.

I'm thinking of a complementary sherry, but am at a bit of a loss. I tend to cook more savory stuff, but wanted this challenge -- and now I'm paying for it! Hopefully you all can help.

It's important that whatever I bring is a product of Spain; those are the rules of the party :-).

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  1. Moscatel: Molino Real, Don Salvador TrasaƱejo Moscatel, Ochoa Dulce de Moscatel, or Ordonez and Company. More ideas here:

    Or, a little heavier in flavor, more molasses and raisin-y in flavor, Pedro Ximenez Sherry, also known as PX. Might be a little too intense for your custard-y dessert, but if you make it with figs or dried fruit, it may be perfect. Read more here:

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      Thank you maria lorraine. I was originally going to go for a PX but worried it would be too sweet. I think a Moscatel will be perfect.