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Nov 16, 2007 12:12 PM

Fine Dining Three Rivers, OR

Hey Chowhounds, Are there any "destination" restaurants in Three Rivers, Oregon?

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  1. Wow-I live in Oregon and have no idea where this is? Google shows near Bend. Who knew? Obviously, I'm no help

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      It appears from google map that this a neighborhood south of the resort community of Sunriver. The nearest city is Bend. I'd suggest searching for either of these.

    2. Boondocks is nice, but my favorite is actually in Sunriver which is where Three Rivers South starts - and that would be the Trout House... there is Three Rivers and Three Rivers South - Three Rivers is by Lake Billy Chinook - and Three Rivers South is the area from Sunriver to La Pine State Rec Road.... for a great pizza Blondies in Sunriver is wonderful, the lodge (The Meadows) is great too... let me know if I can be of further assistance.

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        All I find on my DeLourme atlas is Three Rivers Airstrip west of the Lake Billy Chinook. It might belong to a resort. I drove by there last May, having taken a gravel road from the Camp Sherman area. We had an ok Mexican lunch in Madras. And some ice cream in Shaniko :) There may be some sort of Indian resort/casino in nearby Warm Springs.

        Back in the Sunriver area, I suspect one might find the same range of dining options as one might find at a ski resort.


        1. re: paulj

          A google map search for 'restaurant near three rivers or', turns up a cluster in Sunriver. Most are in or near the Sunriver Mall. Demographics (on city data) suggests that Three Rivers is more of residential community for construction and service employees in the area. Sunriver is aimed at those who own or rent a condo, and spend their time golfing or skiing.

          La Pine is the next town to the south. While a grocery mecca compared to small towns further east, the dining options are mostly the kind of thing you find clustered along a major highway.

          Bend is the big town, with the full mix of chains, and funky neighborhood places where young Portland refugees hang out. :)