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Nov 16, 2007 12:02 PM

Lobster "shepherd's pie" recipe

does anyone have a recipe for above? or something similar - just looking for something different to do with lobster!


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  1. Lobster shepherd's pie sounds very interesting though personally I would never combine mashed potatoes with seafood mostly because I find mashed potatoes to be overwhelmingly heavy. Try making a lobster pot pie: and use lobster stock by boiling the shells and just top it off with a simple puff pastry. Good luck.

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    1. re: digkv

      thank you - that does sound tasty! just remember too a few years back having lobster mashed potatoes and thinking i must make them one day - but who on earth has leftover lobster!!!

      1. re: chutney

        I've had lobster shepherd's pie at the Hawthorn Hotel in Salem, MA.
        It was fantastic. I didn't find any problem with mixing lobster and mashed potatoes.

    2. if you're looking for something different to do w/ absolute favorite combination is mac and cheese w/ lobster...yum's a great recipe:

      i also had a friend who would make a fish pie that you could surely substitute lobster with...basically, fish, rice, boiled eggs, carmelized onions all wrapped up in a pie crust and baked. i think it is a russian dish.

      1. jasper white has a fabulous lobster & scallop chowder to die for